a moaning chorus of walkers
in crooked gait, in waves
Christmas indeed with the dead
roaming from house to house

a jolly jerk to the left
a tinsel twitch to the right
a lighted lounge to the front
a cheerful shove out of sight

like drinking too much eggnog
like sipping to much wine
like toasting away the night
like never remembering why

ungrateful they seem at a distance
move in closer so you can hear better


maybe I have it all wrong, maybe not
everywhere I turn, I see festive lights
red lights, green lights, blinking lights, and strobe lights
right around every street, every corner
you just can’t walk a step without notice
cheerful were the times when it was normal
however, it is all a little odd
right in the middle of this late summer
it remains as it was that dreadful month
such as it is, I can’t change it a bit
the focus remains on staying alive
maybe one day, I’ll stop to celebrate
as for now, heading out into the hills
some dead Santa Claus isn’t far behind

Haiku for Home, No. 3

in the heart of ice
snowmen dance on frozen lakes
glacier homes for sale

Christmas Wishes in the Zombie Age

Dear Santa, I hope you are doing well
And this letter finds you in good spirits
I’m writing to ask you for a few things
Stuff I have been wanting for some time now:

Family pack of Mexican machetes
Six SK-9s and some ammo boxes
Six AK-47s with knife mounts
Assorted grenade launchers and duct tape

Lots of duct tape in assorted colors
Multiple bags of zip ties and some rope
A year’s supply (or more) of MREs
Some rain gear. Did I mention the “duct tape?”

Anyhow, Happy Holidays! Stay Safe!
And remember: Don’t let the dead ones bite!

Winter Queen Zombie: A Haiku Zonnet

the bright, heavy moon
through the dead night of winter
thin hand from her grave

left for dead too long
no one fulfills prophecy
nor left to say why

decades gone for sure
with no one to hold the curse
nature will take course

worms: the only warmth
curse falls back on the cursers
death seeks a payment

blue and white tatters bare thin
pretty bones don’t want a kiss