sometimes a zombie is like a vampire
infecting by biting humans like you
but a zombie can walk in the sunlight
something most vampires simply can’t do

sometimes a zombie is like a werewolf
always feasting on red guts and fresh bones
but a zombie won’t care to wear his pants
something most werewolves will need to get home

sometimes a zombie is like a mummy
walking and tattered through the sands of time
but a zombie don’t need curses or magic
something most mummies must keep into mind

sometimes a zombie is just a zombie
…eating flesh straight through your Abercrombie


they speak to humanity of nature
in the plane of the ever-burning trees
where the fire never extinguishes
and the greenery is just about myth

they speak to humanity of regret
the branches come alive with soft whispers
but the softness does not hide idle threats
nor does it mask their evil intentions

they speak to humanity of choices
when they could have been the heroes of earth
had they paid attention to environs
and not consumed the whole of this fair place

but humanity can no longer heed
for they walk, but are no longer alive

Chupa-Ku, Volume XIV: No. 66-70

hard to concentrate
when hunger overtakes you
waits days for a chance

stillness of silence
like the roar of a belly
loud into the dark night

King Chupacabra
is what they are calling me
it suits me just fine

hiding behind things
like we all expect you too
the humans from us

wonder where its been
check on your roosters and hens
your dogs, cats, and goats

Five Sitchin Quatrains, Part II

Modern UFOs Identified:

turns out, after all, we are so alone
that aliens are just us from a distant time
not from the future like we thought they’d be
but from earth’s long forgotten history

A Genesis Not Remembered:

how could we ever remember the truth
when we were programmed to forget with lies
it is what they did from the beginning
when THEY created using THEIR image

Mars, An Acrostic:

Maybe it is all just one big, sick joke
An answer that was there the whole damn time
Reaching through brain rot or loss of knowledge
Searching for a face we already knew

Feared Genesis:

contested creation of ancient man
by long feuding spacemen in need of slaves
in the same image we have grown to know
Sitchin speculates about human knaves


the humans built temples and pagan shrines
over old space portals and landing pads
those that created have destroyed themselves
leaving their creations to follow