Oh! The Colour That Wasn’t Me

They had always said
Said, opined and judged
Trickles of appreciation
but mostly for me none..
But hurtful sinisterness…
and spiteful hatred
leaving me deeply perturbed

The invisible reins they held,
in their devious minds.
I let them crush
open to ridicule and snide
I let them strangle
with their cruel hands
I let them stifle
spirits that were mine

Oh! they said today…
my skin is to be blamed,
it held that colour
the cause to be shamed
They didn’t see the fervour in my eyes
neither the kindness in my stride
nor the intellect in my mind
For they looked at me from the outside
They knew not me
For they beheaded me
for the mean colour of mine

Repeated though did I
the skin is not me
There is life beneath its layers
you can look at my heart
you will find it there
Red are still my veins
like you, them and everyone else
Precious is still my soul
as the pearls you wear
But just for my skin,
You didn’t treat me fair!
you killed us both!
A soul that was me
And yours that wasn’t there


Look into my eyes
but they may deceive you
You may never come to know
For I may be just looking through you…
I may be with you
weaving my own dreams
For there is a vast space
apart from what is just under your gaze

Touch my heart
but the beats may elude you
You may never come to know
For I may not be want you to construe
There are layers to unfold
you may get lost in the maze
For it may be beyond your fathom
that your restricted mind may trace

Talk to me with words
but you may not like the sound of mine
You may never come to know
For I may not be just speaking of you
There are stories that go beyond you
Just be with me
beyond my world
For there are just simple tiny moments
that are waiting for just you and me…

The Cup

The cup hisses silently
I, on the sofa,
With my feet up, drawn…
Don’t wanna move an inch
Till the sight of the next dawn

The sun had set long ago
Dinner’s finished
Beds spread, Days done
But the evening…
not wanting to go…yet.

I whiff the familiar smell
Too known to ignore
It’s just a few steps…
to the kitchen table,
next to the door

Fresh to my taste
May be the flavour which I like best
Or the one which I like a bit less
Too tempting to resist
It’s time to arise, walk a few steps

But, seconds have passed,
The flavour may have left
Like the smell of just wet ground
Gone after a shower of rain,
Do I go the distance
May be all in vain?

A few still moments
Then a familiar voice
Of footsteps….
And the cup
Of my favourite brew
As I grab for that sip
What more could I ask
Than a wish come true!


It’s a lull…
Perhaps that before of a storm
Or just a long repetitive one
A monotone of chores
Drawn loud and bold
impossible to ignore
Their noise reaches my heart
silencing the creative beat

It’s a lull now…
Like the sound of still breeze
That is there but doesn’t touch me
I could drown into the depths of it
But not feel what it feels like
Filled with agony or just anxiety
It’s simply a lull now…
Nothing else really…


Feathers on the windy path
The birds flailing their wings
A calm surrender of an abrupt end,
The remains of an angry fight

Mute consequences as they battle
Probably for some…
never missed shattered feathers, they.
As their beaks and talon rattle

Blows continue as so does their lives
patterned with setting suns and rising skies
Just those colours that dropped carelessly
Those tattered feathers that were left behind