I am the glory of a whore
          Here to worship at the shrine
          Of your sex and wetness
Solomon’s Choir sings in praise of your great name
Accompanied by a cacophony of one-thousand whips cracking and the gnashing of teeth
Warm wet, rolling contractions
A luscious, lush, iridescent bush
Sheen, shimmering sits in silence,
Hungry for a healthy, heaping, helping
                                                                of my big prick
Draw me into your voluptuous void
I am here to pray within your bleached temple walls
      Like the clouds you rest yourself in.
         With those inviting arches,
      High rafters
   And colored panes of glass
Your cunt was dripping as I pulled my unshaven face away
Your radiance hides your whorish tendencies, you salacious bitch
          Do I fuck you better than those other men?
          Do I?
          You skank
          You slut
          You loose woman!
Is it my cock you think of when they are inside you
   Or am I not the focus of your lust when I am in worship, writhing inside of you
This cunt is a fucking cunt
But yours is a nice fucking cunt—
And a cunt I love fucking!
          I am fucking you.
          I am only fucking you
I have come to worship at the shrine of your lust and your lust alone
I make no sacrifice at the altars of your love
I refuse to pass the veil and enter into the Holy of Holy
I will burn down your temple and set the inner walls of your cunt ablaze
Await you as you fall,
                          Fall to your knees
Anticipating the coming taste of my liberation
I am unbound!
I am boundless!
I am!
I am only when I am fucking you
 When I am not fucking you
 I am not
 When I am fucking you
    I am your master
Do as I say,
                    reveal your whorish ways
                                                                  and bring here your cunt
I am as the heroes of old—
          A slayer of gods
          Come to bring you to your knees
          With my longsword
Hilt in hand to slay the beast—
                                                    your wet cunt
Falls upon my unsheathed weapon
And my hand caresses your waist
My sword polished by your juices
                                                           swells, twitches,
                                                                                        and fills your womb
Sharpened with your whetstone,
I am here to slay every man who will ever have you