Reacting to suddenness is generic. Sobbing because the face of God is dizzying. Buskin’ apocalyptic-folk with some friends all over the atlases. We sing for the unsung like an offshoot Tom Waits. Inflation? No problem; Montegos are much less than five bones. It’s chemically-boosted vocal enhancement.

If you expect nothing, disinterest is not mortifying. Transgressing the social queues. Charging toward desirable factuality. I feel like a renewed woman because I drank tap-water for a consecutive hour. Those who don’t slack off are the opprobrium’s bullseye.

Meet me at the dunes of Long Branch, where shells crack open Atlantic-flavored maroon. Squeeze my wrist like gunmetal. Meet me where we could flip the script without wussin’ out. The world is momentary. Defying static with the insatiable more. I am selfish & want you all. I am selfish & want you none.