How This Ends

He’s getting,
COVID vaccine,
Eager to,
Get in,
The way,
Of death’s,
Possible plan,
Yet again,
To jam it up,
Embrace the,
Quiet dignity,
Of fighting,
The good fight,
And living,
A full life,
Even though,
Everyone knows,
How this ends.

Pain of the Past

He’s not sure,
What to make,
Of the pain,
From his past,
The trauma,
Has faded,
The chaos,
Has subsided,
And those scars,
Don’t look,
So bad,
After all.

The Long Road

When she,
Moves out,
You can,
Get her back,
Anything is possible,
And there’s always,
On the other hand,
The numbers don’t point,
That way,
And now,
More than ever,
It’s those numbers,
That you can’t ignore.

That Kind of Love

He’s leaving the,
Liquor store,
Turns right,
Now walking towards,
Downtown Takoma,
There’s a,
Cute couple,
In front of him,
A bit loudly,
About their plan,
For the day,
A hike,
And then dinner,
Sharing a bottle,
Of wine,
Or maybe cocktails,
The movies,
They’ve yet,
To watch,
The shows,
They still,
Haven’t started,
The trips,
They’re planning,
To take,
The life,
They seem,
So excited,
To share,
As he overhears,
Their exchange,
He wonders,
If someone,
Was ever,
What he’s,
Doing now,
When the cheerful,
And romantic,
Was between him,
And her,
When that kind of life,
And that kind of love,
Used to be his.