Baby Food

He takes,
The day,
So that,
He can,
Fully focus,
On London,
London seems,
To be,
A bit better,
Less wobbly,
She’s still,
Not eating much,
So he texts,
The vet again,
With a,
London update,
The vet suggests,
Baby food,
So he,
Goes to,
Grocery store,
To get some,
Baby food,
For his baby,
Returns home,
Heats it up,
In the microwave,
London eats,
More than,
She’s eaten,
In the,
Past three days,
Baby food,
For his baby,
He’s so happy.

Grocery Store Chatter

He’s in his,
Neighborhood Safeway,
Quite a bit,
Several times,
A week,
This week,
Has been,
A little different,
He’s been buying,
A lot of,
Baby food,
Trying to,
Figure out,
What London,
Baby food,
For his,
Wee London,
And the,
Safeway employees,
Know that,
Something is up,
Because he’s been,
Buying groceries,
At this location,
For years,
But he’s never bought,
Baby food,
So here,
And there,
People are,
Asking him,
At check out,
What the deal is,
Do you have,
A baby,
They are wondering,
And each time,
He gets,
That question,
He basically,
Answers in,
The same way,
Each time,
I actually do,
Have a baby,
But I’ve only recently,
Started buying,
Her food,
At Safeway,
My baby’s name,
Is London,
She’s an adorable,
Jack Russell mix,
She’s fourteen,
And happens,
To be,
The cutest,
You’ve ever seen.

The Thing About Heartbreak

The thing,
About heartbreak,
Is that,
He’s never,
Going to,
Be able,
To forget,
How bad,
It felt,
Will be.