Before the Harvest

A human ritual,
monitored by medical professionals
regulated by all governments
sanctioned by the United Nations
sponsored by energy food manufacturers,
Advertised as a spectacle
produced for every screen imaginable,
A line of swimming pools
joined end to end,
Following the Tropic of Capricorn
100 metres above the earth’s surface
accessible by platforms rising,
The lines of lanes
in which swimmers back-stroke
simultaneously; synchronised
end to end, pool to pool
like tractor wheels,
Once around the circle of latitude
in the hours of nine to five
during the summer months
before the autumn harvesting.

But Not Always

Do it harder…harder! You cry.
I love it when you encourage me
Give me some responsibility for your pleasure
You touched me first and suggested a drink
Said you liked the coy look of me
Sometimes you’ve got me out of myself
And honestly I can’t leave you alone
I tremble wildly at any suggestions you have
You guide me to your heart and your womb
You laugh when I prematurely ejaculate

But not always;

We sometimes touch and it is not sexual
Just a reminder of each other’s electricity
How the current run differently at times
You like my tongue for words and pleasure
My hands for what they gesture
You check me that I don’t get full of myself
Sometimes I am your servant for your need
You covet my seed and take the lead
Fuck me harder…harder you cry again.
I can’t any more…I’ve come.

Insomniac Blues

And when insomniacs turn to the grim news
‘They are zombies, these infrequent sleepers’
Again they maul and ruck and squeeze the life
Out of worry, dear worries, incubi bedside.

There’s a resemblance in eyelids upcast
To lively weighted bodies erect and mobile
To epicureans hungry for the unexpected
In clear nights they are the rogue asteroids.

Across a blanket canvas some will roam
Others count the rings of time in their eyes
Remembering cot dreams heedless of age
Jealous of snorers, jealous and aloof.

They are the burners of the midnight sun
Plotting a coup to enthrone the moon
Their queen, their charm and guardian angel
Whose light is softest and their comfort.