I gave up on me and never gave up on you. In the dimmest light, chance illuminates the real desire to fight. I could never feel justified or right, to take a stance for myself before the needs of others, downfalls are outlined by actions and distractions, left waiting to remind you that once you dethrone yourself from your own survival instinct, you are left to the wind of others’ careless breeze.

My mistake is I only am who I am, when I reflect my identity with things I can see, the tangible world defines the value I refuse to see in myself and insist lives in the heart of everyone else. Patient heal thyself, doctor take your medicine, say it out loud and know that this is how we best serve ourselves, we are all responsible first for us and work through our shortfalls to earn the trust of others outside the pond we create where we live as heroes and are great, capable of doing unimaginable good, let tragedy be the cocoon that encapsulates and protects you, allows you to take time away to evolve in safety to escape renewed

I have identity on my own but its not the same when I’m alone, I think I like the one I am, I think I function without another’s plan, I can get past time as I am but free to fall in any direction at wills command give away control.

In exile, is not anything less than a nightmare, I live to second guess, to be a friend, to show compassion, to love to gain all the satisfaction brought by the hands of others, can only be secured in truth when you acquire those emotions within yourself. We live on the decay of our yesterday and experiences thrown away. Learn from it or throw away, dreams open up another way to serve as a guide from the hardest things we try to hide.

Isolation is its own sentence in hell, secluded and silent, the given right to never succeed only fail, create a song that will never be heard, the greatest story written in invisible words, grow a garden to never feed the hordes, should be no surprise hard to see the whole picture, when pieces can be right before your eyes, or out of place, missing or on their way, solutions seem to hide in moments in-between, to be great for me to be great for you, break from the condemned life living by finding the reasons why we go on every day, is to live for yourself to make advances change the world, by taking chances love yourself fully to find what romance is.

So simple seen through another’s vision, speak your advice out loud so its someone else’s decision, directions easy to follow as long as they’re given, light the path so you never retrace a life not worth reliving, but remember your past experience is like a dream, and gone so fast and may never have been. Refuse to erase your mistakes they are meant to be seen, every tower of success is built on a base of incredible mistakes, and chances laid to waste, by lousy half-hearted attempts, and choices that never dissuade, but refine the approach, to get the outcome needed to justify that the greed of others, should never come before the value of the visionary, with the victory conceded well before ever taking the chance to be won, savior unsung.