Invega Sustenna

In our darkest moments, we are blinded
by the situations and cannot see life from
an objective perspective, today, I am
laughing, for I am once again aware of
the abnormal phenomenon, and am now
dissecting the situations for some silver
linings, for silver linings are hope, and
even the tiniest one can change a lover’s

Who Made Who

Like humans on a quest to find their
makers, the aliens study us from age
to age, taking notes, leaving hints,
hacking the timelines, manipulating
the odds, wondering if we will ever
grow wise enough to understand
them, or the Game.

Mother to Child

Let our perfect prince always walk with
his Saint, let him always wrestle with his
own flaws and conscience to uplift life
and reality, for politics is a tricky game,
and the utopias are indeed figments
of his beautiful imagination; Son, let
my baby always rise from his failures
and pain, for perfection is a silly dream,
and life is just too beautiful to fail.