jack kerouac and charlie parker

had a dream jack
kerouac came up to
me and asked to speak
to charlie parker

the liquor must be
mixing with the pills

chaos in the streets
and white people are
starting to realize they
might have something
to do with this

my privilege got declined
and i’ve been a better
person ever since

and somedays the rain
gives way to sunshine

and other days
my pain gives way to
delusions of something
less than fucking grand

charlie gets on stage
and thanks jack for
the lovely gifts

he goes on to play for
three hours and kerouac
falls asleep under the table

charlie and i laugh, pick
him up and start drinking
some more

i’m sure this will be somewhere
in the notebooks one day

a summer in paris

it’s a cold moon on
a hot summer night

her soft brown skin
comfortable in your

yet forever is so
damn far away

cherish the moment

ignore the fact bills
are due and she has
more expensive taste
than you can charge
to your accounts

her lips taste like
every dream you
had as a child
coming true

you remember a
homeless guy tell
you love was as
fleeting as good

you always thought
he was just another

until she started
talking about a
summer in paris
and everything
she wanted to

a few detours never planned

the sweet smell of chaos
burns the night sky

blood drips from the last
full moon we may ever see

this isn’t the first time a gun
has been pointed at your skull

from suicide to dirty cops to
young wannabe thug drug

a life on the edge always has
a few detours never planned

you try to crack the mood
with a dirty joke

apparently, these fools don’t
enjoy laughing

with each loud bang

you wonder how much joy
they actually missed out on