Blacked out windows,
only fake light
for the children.

Baby blue eyes,
those friends of yours
they were never here.

Now write your paper,
you don’t need to
know your grade.

Gather round children,
sit Indian style
in our dear circle.

Blue eyed darling,
do you see things
before they come to pass?

Withered child,
do you feel things
that cannot be felt?

Long ago we lit
ancient, tall fires
for the dear children.

Now eat up, after all,
we threw this party
just for you.

Did you meet
the forgotten,
horned god
beneath the waters,
murky and unclear,
of your drowning?


Young boy,
your heart yearns
for something more.

A sunrise
with a mother’s
warm, safe embrace.

A sunset
with a father’s
approving nod of pride.

Young boy,
your destiny is adrift
elsewhere in the sea of souls.

You weren’t meant
for such comforting
days to die old within.

Your virtue,
your conviction itself,
will be steeled in black waves.

You will surf, and
one day you will drown.
How will you greet your death?

One day
an angel will come
from the leviathan’s depths,

soul innocent, and
without vile blemish
of the inferno you conquer.
Her kiss
will give all you need
and more than you deserve.

Her embrace is
like one thousand perfect lives
and perfect deaths, all the same.

Her skin is
soft enough to release
the held back tears of years.

Young boy, hark!
Do you hear your heart sing
in one glorious affirmation of your life?

The lapping
of the black waves
at your feet beneath you.

The roar of
the leviathan’s evils
dulls. Yielding to glory.

So the angel
departs unto the
infinite heavens above.

That beautiful, eternal dark sky,
reflecting the pretty rage of
the black sea that cradles you.

Her beauty
will fill your heart
till this vessel wears down

and you too
will join her in the
heavenly expanse above.

Now a man,
you have the strength
to see, alone, the end.

One day
the waves will rise,
so high they seem to cease

uniting with
the new heavens
at the end of all ends.

The wailing
of all cruel and
false, empty gods

will be destroyed,
leaving but man
and the afterlife.

a darkness
akin to the womb

it is there
that you will at last die,
with a satisfied smile.


suck these flames
from my supple flesh.

steal the inferno
from my raging heart.

Your licking
tongues of blaze,
heat upon freckled skin.

My memory is branded,
with the scorching iron of when
we met as children, my friend.

Fire dances against
ancient drawings of you,
my sweet more than friend.

My lips and tongue
waltz upon ev’ry inch of you,
my beginning and my end.

From the first light out the womb,
to the kiss of the sun every day:
I don’t want it to end blacked out.

So let me die: Ad astra!
Having been engulfed
within the star of your beauty.

How bad could it be
when so many before me
have died young and pretty?