(solve for xxx)

Big girl, little girl, good girl, bad…
I throw twisted signals—lollipops and lips,
candy-colored mouth and swivel-hips,
bubble butt babydoll blowing a bubble,
you really wanna pop—
not yet, boy—I got more…

Lollipopin’s good,
but ice cream cones are better—
I got head-twirlin’ tongue swirlin’—
come and get ‘er!

‘Cuz I got skills, young man,
skills to make a young man kill
to get his hands on me—

you can’t,
but you can get a cam on me…

(‘cuz I got bills…)

in sight

she’s only so lucky,
only so good,

but oh, so clear;

she can see it from here,
but insight won’t cover that ground.

she goes out into light and sound,
touching, tasting, breathing
as deeply as she can;
so close;
only so close
for the rest of her life.

Eve Takes Issue

Adam, you’re an ass—
the biggest one
that ever came to pass.
I gave you a dick
when I gave you the choice
you so freely chose,
but the balls?
I couldn’t give you those.

Cowardly and crass—
ring God’s doorbell and run,
then hide behind your wife,
and while you’re back there,
grab her ass.

That’s the pattern now—
Eve, fucked and blamed
in the same panting breath
of desire and fear.

What I really did wrong was to think
(in and of itself, generally, but specifically)
that you had the guts
to stand beside me before God.

Well, maybe I got less out of God than you did,

but I got a whole lot more out of that apple.

Goddess Lethe

Here—drink this. It’s river water.
You know how you drink to forget,
but it doesn’t work?
It works here.
And the drunker you get,
the better you feel in the morning.
Trust me—get drunk.
Trashed, smashed, hammered, loaded,
totally wasted—
go for blackout.

Blackout drunk is ideal here…