Nurse Log

And this day begins.

An old nurse log, half into
earth, still highly attuned.
A billion billion years to go;
this high-minded cycle
never will end.

By almost noon, a private service rises
softly out of still-morning earth; gravity
becomes like a river, muddy and swift,
carrying inconsequential images
downhill. The eye of the needle
telescopes out, then back
to near-zero. Lahars arrive
out of nowhere to sweep
the old family dog back
into the broken bedroom closet.

The nurse log’s aura is extreme at
scintillated purple, and warbles
as a silent echo.

Tomorrow morning
the sun rises solid black
but no one cares a lick.
Late in an unsunny afternoon
the man speaks; a book inside falls
spontaneously off a shelf,
opens to page 47. Reading
down the left side, 4th paragraph:
…resurrection encircles the wounded beast….

Intricate mind-loops draw out quantum truths, illuminate the decaying nurse log’s pandemics.
Mincing but confused, the well is dry, as is an organic, rotting mind.
If even one original thought arrived before the fall, it would surely be trampled and wetted.
How to fold the forest’s mind like a wild animal around essences used like burnt toast.

Some Observations and Reflections on Shelly in Her Tight Green Pants

—Since green pants are colorful and draw the eye,
the rest of the outfit is often conservative.

This morning I observed a
two-way ant-bridge, along
a narrow twig, overflowing
with rushing, black ant-soldiers.

Those ant-soldiers, although
not mindless, may be feckless
and shorn; so, pray tell: exactly
why and how frantic ants
reflect on a young women’s
tight green pants?

Oh, ants may always wander out
to find green things—leaves or blades—
saw them into tiny chunks, then
grasp them with pincers and scurry
back to home nest. And what if ants
were to decide to delicately
attack Shelly, to pull and cut at
her green outer-garments?

Colorblocking is the fashion
practice of wearing two bold
colors in big blocks. In this
case, match the green pants
with another bold color
on top, such as melon or yellow.

Overall, when I last saw her,
I thought Shelly seemed
very kicky and upturned
with tons of imposed attitude.

Constant hope encircles, but
exactly how to grab green

before it tints to moderate.
White/grey/black, a long way
to go for daft postal illumination.
Leave the obvious
comment for the end.

Rather, the jacket she wore
over the green pants was
elegant—was black/white
and sparkling—just perfect.

Color is magical. It has the power
to soothe, energize, and can even
have a healing effect. Being surrounded
by colors we love in our lives
makes us happier.

I keep debating her pants’ relative
hue of green. But I don’t recall
what color shoes she was wearing.

A green planet’s excesses of color,
chlorophyll in all the earth’s cracks,
then two slender legs, whatever.