One Life to Live

When the vet,
Came to visit,
He learned,
That London,
Is mostly,
Quite well,
London does,
What the vet,
Dental disease,
And so,
He’s calling,
A dentist,
Right now,
And he’s explaining,
The situation,
Right now,
To someone,
On the phone,
And the woman,
On the phone,
Is speaking very calmly,
About how things,
Usually work,
A consultation,
Followed by,
A big cleaning,
There’s anesthesia,
She says,
And he reminds,
The woman,
On the phone,
That London,
Is fourteen,
And has,
A small,
Heart murmur,
And he,
That anesthesia,
Is out of,
The question,
And then,
The woman on the phone,
Says that,
All the consultations,
Are done,
With the idea,
That the dog,
Will eventually,
Get a dental cleaning,
And that anesthesia,
Will be used,
For the cleaning,
And then he tells her,
That there’s no way,
That will be happening,
To his London,
And then she starts,
Talking about how safe it is,
She starts talking about,
The possibility of,
Going to see,
A cardiologist,
Before the cleaning,
To be even safer,
And then he,
Thanks her,
For all the information,
And says that,
He’ll have to think about it,
He might,
Call her back,
And she says okay,
And he hangs up the phone,
And he turns,
His head,
To the left,
To see his,
Dear little London,
On the couch,
And then,
He’s reminded,
That there,
Is no room,
For error,
And that there,
Is one life,
To live,
And that,
He’s not going,
To do anything,
That might,
Slow his,
Dear dog’s,
Heart rate,
He’s not going,
To do anything,
That might put,
His little London,
In danger,
In that way,
That might,
Result in her,
Not waking up,
Because he wants,
All the minutes,
With her,
Because he can never,
Have enough time,
With her,
And if London,
Does exit,
The scene,
Before him,
He knows that,
Whatever time,
They spend apart,
Will only,
Be temporary.


A lioness,
On patrol.