Beloved, let’s meet in paradise
Where there is no hatred nor sadness; a beautiful place
For we have served with humanity
But nothing in return only brutality

Paradise, a place of absolute calmness
Where no war exists; a place of happiness
For this life has shattered our living love
We are biding our adieus; we will meet in paradise

For our garden of love has turned to desert
And our affections have  teared apart
We have no choice than to leave this space
As there is no love, not even in our garden place

We have struggled many a time
To wet our seed of love not to die
But had been caused by haters not to grow
We are leaving to a place where our love will glow

A place where nothing will fade
We are going to a free stress place
Paradise, where no commotions exist
Where sweet aroma of love does not desist.


Spring of our love used to flow
Turned to desert where no affection show
Our garden of love deserted its gentle breeze
Your faded back left me freeze

Why your back faded away?
And gave me love that never stay
In confusion state my heart now dwell
For you have shattered and treated it not well

You promised heaven and earth
For better for worse on our love path
In sadness and  happiness you vowed to hold our love strong
But now not in your heart my love belongs

Our story of love is faded on paper
For your love is faded; it is not proper
You left nothing but faded memory
Stranded i am in the ocean of your sad story

Your love is faded
My affection for you now is dead
You enwrapped my heart and dumped it in darkness
You ran away and show my love no kindness.