Shhhh, don’t say a word, or make a sound, stay right here, you are safe if you do. Test the darkness to see if what they say is true. Should I wait for the darkness to get darker, can I speed this up and get it over with?

What will be left when the dawn shines light on the remains of hope.

Warmth can’t be found as I cup my hands and exhale, my breath is not present as steam as it should I am surprised, it validates my fear, how do I make the dark darker. How do I breathe past the point of confusion and become familiar with solutions and clarity, and prepare to welcome success and survival?

With light I anticipate the warmth I have missed for so long, but the light cannot come until the darkness is at is peak.

To want the experience of another moment in the light is what I have decided I desire, did I wait too long and have choice removed from my control. Placed it in the hands of the faceless masses of unfamiliar caretakers. The lives of the lost are collected from the curbs of forgotten or obsolete. The reaper society takes it all away.

Everything taken is delivered.