Rebuttal, Rebuked

I am masculine
and I am toxic
Traits that you hate
and you find caustic

I am a playboy
and I am a thief
Into your heart
I sink my teeth

I am unrefined
Paint without the primer
A thin veneer
Sheen: None the brighter

And You, the foil
Who endures this toil
You’re aware and cerebral
Elegant, Parisian Cathedral
Purple brocaded and Royal
Yet both shuffle underneath
The very same coil

Masculine are these hands
That are cracked and calloused
But what are the sails
Without the ballast?

My tongue is silver and sharp
Serrated likes these fangs
Every word I write
Gallows from which you’ll Hang

Not that bright
That much I’ll say
Making me Night
If I may
You’re the Sun! You rule the Day!
But only at Night
Do you come out to play

Ode to Capital

Seize my assets
I have no assets
Seize my body

Garnish my wages
I have no wages
Garnish my soul

Liquidate my property
To fund your fads
List my cerebrum, sternum
Stretch my spinal column
Enough to write your ads

Have your go
Search through my pours
Light into my ears
Open every door

Neon signs, glamour, and glitz
Sodom wrapped in gold
Your traditions blitzed

Ode to capital
Tendrils pry mechanically
Through promises made
Many you have swayed
But I’ll sink this ship
Before you have your way