a sad end to a beautiful existence

listen to your mother
cry herself to sleep
as you jerk off to
some russian beauty

with tits that size
all you can think
of is the back pain
she must have all
the time

this is what happens
when the drugs stop
working but you haven’t
met your deductible yet

you have no choice
but to self-medicate

the strong stuff works best

these bottles are older
than even your old ass

some think of death
as this sad end to a
beautiful existence

death is actually the
natural ending of a
wasted time spent
pursuing everything
but what you needed

ashes left on a shelf

forgotten yet again

grunts of madness

our greatest weakness as this disease
is our inability to communicate
like we are supposed to

but the words go missing
at all the wrong times

replaced with sounds of fury
or grunts of madness

some see a flower

others see the bee saving the world

i once had a dream i danced with
a beautiful woman as the world
burned for years upon years

out of sync with the universe

the ghost of burroughs starts to
play with the bent spoons

this isn’t the kind of night
you decide it is the right time
to have the first taste of heroin

your lover used to walk the street

scrape her knees in the alley
behind the old record store

i used to buy prince albums there

but love is love

a broken soul lost once again

but the stories will live on

as will the herpes

five tokes for whatever at this point

the beautiful people are having babies
while the rest of us know we are
fucking doomed

one toke for the pain
two tokes for the apathy
three tokes for the end of it all
four tokes for the third eye
five tokes for whatever at this point

you hear laughter coming from down the hall
those voices have been dead for over twenty years

and it’s the way the spanish princess tells you
she loves you so quietly you have no choice
but to give her your undivided attention

there are days all the miles between seem like
a walk around the block

yet the ocean is on fire and the heart of a nation
is broken in two

find happiness in pain

it becomes easier the older you get

a hot shower right before bed

leave a window open and hope your sexy
neighbor feels adventurous

she leaves the light on in her bedroom

one day you’ll stumble upon her naked
and hope her husband isn’t home

you remember when demons
were just high school mascots

when your dreams were about women
you actually had a chance with

the circle is nearly complete