A Song can speak both for
To you
Alice Blue Gown for my mother
Or better yet
Some version
Of the song

Written for—she who became
 our Marilyn

Goodbye Alice Mae
“Though I never knew you at all”
They looked alike
Two women full of life
And beauty
Alice two years younger
both had the grace
 To hold themselves
While those around them crawled.
Two beauties,
Emerging from the Great Depression
Two beauties
An air of sadness
For a life as yet and ever

My mother was an actress,
deserting her talent
To become a Mom.

Norma Jean was an actress
Embracing her talent
Forfeiting motherhood
 For fame.

I cannot say that either one was happy
Or either one was right.
Two sides of one sad coin
Neither found their balance.
But we can love them
And remember them
And honour them
Candles In The Wind.

Acknowledgment of (Candle in The Wind
Elton John and Bernie Taupin 1973)