Strangers in the Sheets

And if we passed would you stop to say hello?
Would I in turn not simply go?

There but for the Grace…
Of some forgotten face

Perhaps, you’d see me in the rain
But was it I? Or simply your pain

Projecting outwards upon the place
    I see your face

In truth that time will come
When the heart’s ache
Shall come undone

But until then my once and lonely dear
You’ll jump at my shadow, in your fear.

Ode to the Deadlift

Purity of will
Clashing iron
Sense of still

Core of power
Flesh like glass
Desire towers

It slips away
Without straps he gasps,
Done for the day


Swipe, Swipe, Swipe
Maybe you’ll get
That elusive Like

So now you can be
Another option,
Plucked off the tree

No smell, no sound, nor sight
Allowed to sway
Lest you take fright

Perfectly pixeled places
Frozen in time
With hollow faces.

Wedding Cake Foul

The fags want a cake
So YOU better go bake

They’ll cry and scream
Forever unclean

As they seek to destroy,
Their life just a toy

Minor fun to be had
They marry for a fad

Not aware they are muppets
Commanded like puppets

By the rich and the few
Who hate me and you.