Sun sun sun
Shining bright
Is it God?
No no no
It can’t be it can’t be
But it’s so intense
It must be
It must be God!
It must be God!
Burning my eyes burning my eyes
It cannot be defeated
It must be it must be
But then I can see
With my thumb, my little thumb
Blocking out the sun
My little thumb
I am more powerful than the sun
The sun has been defeated
The sun is not God!
The sun is not God!
I begin to boil from the heat
Ouch ooh ouch gah
It is so hot and intense
Recoiling from the overwhelming presence
The sun is God!
The sun is God!
My thumb
My thumb: I was mistaken
The sun is God
It is undoubtedly God
My thumb twitches
My thumb moves, it moves on its own
It turns the AC dial to the right
Hot no more
The sun is defeated
The sun is not God

My thumb is God