Since Terror House Magazine’s inception, our primary means of promoting the site has been via our Twitter account. While we’ve accumulated a large fanbase on Twitter and the site provides a lot of traffic, given the massive amounts of censorship in our modern world, any outpost built on a mainstream social networking site will always be sinking in quicksand. While Terror House has largely been ignored by the usual suspects—indeed, the only real attempts to censor us have come from the alt-right—I don’t want to take any chances.

Having said that, most “alt-tech” websites are utter garbage. Gab, the best-known Twitter alternative, is a poorly-managed cesspool of MAGA Boomers and neo-Nazi feds. Not only that, it’s also useless for driving traffic; when I had a personal presence on the site, I barely got any clicks on my blog posts, podcasts, videos etc. despite having just shy of 6,000 followers before deleting my account. As such, I’m very careful when it comes to committing Terror House to any alt-tech platform.

Enter Telegram, a messaging platform designed for secrecy and privacy, to the point where it is partially blocked in Russia because the owner refused to hand over users’ encryption keys to the Russian government. In addition to functioning as a messaging app, Telegram also allows users to create “channels,” one-way communication platforms that are similar to Twitter or Facebook feeds.

You can now subscribe to Terror House Magazine on Telegram by clicking here. If you don’t already have Telegram, you can download it for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS by clicking here or going to the respective app store on your device. The Terror House Telegram channel will feature updates on our most recent publications and other news related to the site. We highly recommend you download Telegram and free yourself from the looming claw of Internet censorship.