He’s out,
With London,
Some of,
Usual spots,
His London,
So happy,
They turn,
On Somerset,
A fairly,
Regular thing,
He notices,
Huge dog,
Across the street,
Behind a,
Chain link,
And moaning,
Doesn’t notice,
But this dog,
Is massive,
Easily one of,
The biggest,
He’s ever seen,
And so,
He and London,
Carry on,
All of,
A sudden,
He notices,
Out of,
The corner of,
His left eye,
It’s that dog,
That massive beast,
That dog is,
On the wrong side,
Of the fence,
And is charging towards,
Him and London,
Not sure,
What to do,
Doesn’t yet,
Know what’s up,
And they don’t have,
Much time,
A few seconds,
And so he scoops,
His little London up,
He has his,
Little London,
In both hands,
And he crouches,
A bit,
In a sort of,
Defensive position,
The big dog,
Is now,
Right behind them,
The beast jumps up,
And snaps,
Grazing the,
Left side of his face,
The dog doesn’t,
Touch London,
But London,
Now realizes,
What’s up,
She’s squirming,
A bit,
And shaking,
The big dog,
Is now,
Prancing around,
The two of them,
In circles,
No one knows,
How this ends,
He’s not sure,
How much more time passes,
He’s not even sure,
What happens next,
After some time,
The big dog,
Crosses the street,
He notices this,
And so he puts,
London down,
And sits down,
Next to her,
His London,
Who is,
So shaky,
He’ll call,
Animal control,
After their walk,
The day after that,
He’ll learn that,
Animal control,
Did visit,
The house,
And that,
The dog,
Has good training,
The dog is a,
Cane Corso,
He thanks the man,
From animal control,
For his,
Important work,
The dog won’t be,
Removed from,
The home,
But the owners,
Will get a ticket,
And the guy from,
Animal control,
Reminds him,
That as bad,
As that experience was,
It could have been,
So much worse.