I used to love her deep, dark, gothic look
her down-with-America temperament
the conspiracist I fell in love with
but lately she has been smiling a lot

I remember just a few weeks ago
she was grumpy, bitchy, just complaining
about this or that, her lively parents
her exes, the taxes, the president

while I agreed with her on some of these
I drew the line when it came to my work
that my words were better left unwritten
and she has been smiling ever since then

well, it is more like a flesh-eating grin
but she seems happy chained to the garage

Twenty Years Much Later

Welcome Back to the Hundred Acre Wood
except now it’s beat-down to the last ten
where Pooh Bear has hard-core diabetes
continuing dialysis, about to
lose his other leg, where gray Eeyore
has been cutting himself, even tried to
hang by the neck more than five times last year
where Tigger the Tiger’s abuse of high
energy drinks has run its course as he
endures severe mange, even erectile
dysfunction, where sweet Piglet was just sold
to an exotic market harvesting
bacon, where fucking zombies still roam free
Yeah, it ain’t that great anymore, Chris


formerly called the hidden enemy
yet in plain sight, waited to attack man

were he could barely measure its distance
he could surely place value on effect
a number beyond astronomical
a cost never seen before on this earth
some would blame it on the wrath of a god
but it surely was not scripted that way
in any holy book found on this world
or in the artifacts found on the moon
this was not the work of man-creator
this was the creation of man himself

nothing hidden about it in these days
as it freely stutter-marches outside