I am through a superb window—looking.
An angel of feeling awakes in me.
The dreamy oak-trees stand alway* leafless.
The native auspicious cue** is just large.

My scenery—the enchanted verdure.***
The moony old barn of Ted my dear nuncle.****
I am looking at a proud throng***** of crows.
They belong to the whiff of every times.

The springtide looks so meek-beauteous-fair,
first and foremost Morningstar—at night.
I daydream springwards window-view withal
of a dreamy Ovidian summer gale.

Homelike herbage that seems to bewitch all.
My cats want to enchant the fantasy.
Dreamed subtle morn withal notably.


* alway: always (archaic)

** cue: mood (archaic)

*** verdure: green

**** nuncle: uncle (archaic)

***** throng: bevy (archaic)

****** gale: wind (archaic)