Do you still believe the bullshit
Drilled into you while young and impressionable?
And didn’t know better?

Do you still think people are kind at heart?
Or have you seen they’ll slit your throat
At their earliest convenience?
And when you fall down
Have you accepted most won’t help you up
But leave you to wither and rot
Slamming the door
leaving what remains of your soul
to rot in the cold?

Did you unlearn that you can’t be anything you want?
Did you realize the lottery of birth is a brutal indicator
Of future success
And so much of your life is out of your control?
After all, it’s no coincidence those in the limelight
Mostly come from affluence, is it?

Did you learn society only allows you to be anything
Except yourself?
And did you realize this is why
You feel alone and isolated?

And after life kicked you in the teeth
Dragging you through piss and shit
Did you rationalize it away?
Did you say “God has a plan” or “everything happens for a reason?”
Or did you realize pain and suffering are wetted out
Without rhyme or reason
In a hostile and indifferent cosmos?
And did you contend with the fact that
More often than not
Your endurance of such doesn’t mean a fuckin’ thing?
Because remember
In the end
We all decay
And history licks her lips
And washes us all away

As you grew older
Did you also grow wiser?
What myths did you let wither away?
What did you unlearn today?