one line to wake up

it’s a shy blonde
with a great ass

a lonely poet
in over his head

two broken souls
against what is left
of this world

one line to wake up

devour the rest to
stay awake

remember when
dancing with the
devil in the pale

never be afraid
to take the lead

old dogs can
learn new tricks

they just don’t
want to

willing to die for it

i often think of the spanish
princess on these cold nights

how cancer is going to kill
all of us one of these days

how love seems to only find
those that are willing to die
for it

and here i am

on the cross, bleeding like
tomorrow never exists



crying myself to sleep at night

wondering which lucky soul
dares to believe they actually
want to love me

plenty thought they were up
for the challenge

sleeping alone again tonight

you get to a point in your life
where you just accept that
you’ll die alone one day

it makes the pain a little
less dull

the ache just a constant
hum in the left ear

where glee goes to die

a publisher challenged
me to write a happy poem

i laughed, told her i don’t
believe in miracles

but these are the nights
where glee goes to die

a sad song hangs in the air
as the dense fog rolls in

three in the morning
and i wonder if any of
my dead friends still
remember me

find a vein and
see what happens

do the demons start
to holler or do the
angels suddenly


born to die
like everyone

some get the bright lights

some get a lover that
never thinks of leaving

some of us end up in
a vicious cycle that
never ends

a country song with
no hero

no reason to go on