Take me in hand, I await the journey of your inner thoughts, your love, rage, and your fears obedient to your command.

I anticipate the things I will learn, I have witness every truth and lie, from the beginning of time and will remain loyal as your cities burn.

I have witnessed the plans that will change the world, and I have seen lives commuted to death. I have seen the rise to power of the guilty from their towers of trust, I have witnessed the plans to rebuild from the dust.

I will never take a side, through me all hands confide, the greatest dreams, fears and tragedies, the ways to make a better world, and ulterior motives self serving strategies.

I have seen the beautiful things in a baby’s first breath, first steps and birthdays and a loved one trying to impress.

I have seen love begin, friendships emerge from shared moments of stress, however weak and absurd.

The creation of religion, science, and law, the creation of industry and justice even it’s flaw.

I have seen the creation of language, music and song, a world of art to bring us together but differences and agendas tears us apart.

I have seen the confidence of the weak that lie. A quest for the power of money, I am unable to understand why.

I have witnessed the birth of injustice, the ones that protect the monsters among us.

Heroes celebrated by popular demand and in other corners of the world hated without their command.

I have seen the gifts of the world be erased, oceans victimized and rainforests replaced.

I see the policies written for all the crimes they are committing, all the good laid to waste for the sake of profit in their haste, and the atrocities carried out for the benefit of greed as the victims shout.

I see countless people succeed, others forced into obscurity pay the price for the third world style and bleed. Our knowledge of the universe exceeds, hunger suppressed by the power of greed.

My innocence lies with my inability to speak. I carry the words of every author’s shriek, every writer’s dreams and comedian’s pain, they laugh out loud because they are weak.

Without emotions I am here to explain, despite all the death and destruction that I have witnessed, I feel none of the pain.

In an unbiased display I will allow your words to flow through me, times of surrender, survival, and ideas so free.

I witness moments of triumph, romance, obsession, professed true love, and ambitions in spite of a political stance.

A hand forces me to accept your words as my own, despite the langue and lessons taught, I am unable to learn.

I have been driven by brilliance and simplicity, placed in horrific disaster to utter tranquility.

I have witnessed the pain of nations, the starvation of millions by the hands of privileged civilizations.

Bullets and blood may surround me births and deaths abounding, injustice screams from the oppressed will find me, a servant to the hand that holds me.