And she wrote to herself
Many letters that day
Of her father insisting that she hadn’t changed
And she thought to herself
The day had come
The day had come anyway
When she no longer had anything to say
And you could swear now that she had been crying for days
And the people she’d been
The little girl
And the boy
They kept her from writing, that whore
Her father was crying and her mother stood very still
For their daughter was growing so ill
And she thought
It must be absorbing my skin
All the ugliness must be seeping in
And they gave her medication
To treat her condition
Blue pills and red
Until she didn’t know which were replacing her head
And, you know
She got better one day
And she thought
“The world has grieved it away.”


Perhaps we are only here
You and me
So we may ride the waves high
And feel the yearning of the sea
Calling: “Hello? Where have you been?”
And “Are you stalling?”
When it’s all over and erased
The breezes will come in from windows
Settling the answers on your plate
You will know
Both you and I
What the breezes would have told you
What you’d wanted
All the time.

The Sky Spoke of One Cloud

The sky spoke of one cloud
The rain of thunder
But the moon;
It spoke of many suns
When there was only one
And the moon told only one
It told not thunder, rain, or clouds
The moon told only one
And the one, the only one
She’s seen the thunder, rain, and clouds
Why, but she’d never seen the sun!
To them, the only one sun
But to the one, the only one
The lonely one
The sun had never come