a certain elegance

the old piano

your delicate fingers
playing something
from a few centuries

there is a certain elegance
with how you glide through
every situation in life

this love between us dead
for so many years now

yet you find the grace
to let me believe
my demons are wrong

each night i kiss you
before falling asleep

like an angel escaping

i always think one day
you’ll realize this isn’t
the life you wanted

i suppose i should be
grateful for the days
we have together

time keeps slipping
out of my fingers

no beautiful woman
is going to be spending
the rest of her life with
someone like you

these fairytales never
end well

dead bodies floating in the ocean

it’s the smell of death
on a lost highway

vacant eyes telling
a story of dead bodies
floating in the ocean
during the war

forced laughter under
a naked moon

the bourbon flows like
water in these parts

she had six heads and
a lust for your death

you were drunk enough
to call her bluff

she now wants child

you ever wonder why
your father never loved

why your grandmother
died and he made you
tell his wife, your mother,
that her mother was dead

anger is fruitless

we’re simply waiting
to die here

just like everyone else

carry on

it will be weeks before
the symptoms arise

the last day of school

remember high school
sweethearts kissing
under the stairs in the
east building on the
last day of school


all these years later
you still love that

there’s a good
possibility she
doesn’t even
remember you

such is life

some people can
make friends as
easy as cracking
a joke or a smile

some are just meant
to be lonely with
their memories of
what used to be

none of us come out
ahead in the end

it’s a sweet miserable
death for us all