Are you a truth seeker or a self-justifier?

I suddenly had my first epiphany: I watch TV to enjoy the look
of beautiful people. This is also why I love National Geographic.
I get a kick out of looking at cheetah and giraffes.
I don’t want to fuck them. I just want to watch.

Epiphany #2: Sex has nothing to do with beauty.

Number three: Had I lived through Nazi Germany, I would have
joined the Knights of the White Camellia and gone on long hikes
with other men in short pants. I would not have joined the resistance
and lived on acorns.

Are you a human?
I am not a robot.

Epiphany #4: Biden: why are women and other shrill victimologists
so protective of this white dotard? The guy possesses an indisputable
record of sexual predation and racism. He’s their bitch, not their father.

Lady Anne Glenconner spent her honeymoon sitting in a satin wingback
chair besides her titled husband watching two disgusting people making
love. She closed her eyes and couldn’t wait for them to finish. She didn’t
want to know what Colin was doing.

One final epiphany: Sex is often a turn-off; some are turned off for life.

A sex robot brothel has opened in Tokyo and is set to introduce male sex
dolls following a surge in requests for bisexual threesomes. Billed as
providing futuristic sex, the brothel invites men to dress hyper-realistic
sex dolls before having their way with them at $250 per 30 minutes.

Dolls with customizable nipples and pubic hair are available for sale
in the hotel lobby. At present, they lack artificial intelligence.