I watch the flies

bzzing around
eating out rotting dead cat
rubbing their legs together
like tiny five-eyed six-legged dogs
with wings that can fly…

I’m a giant

and they are
full of people

I start clapping them
out of the sky
and stomping them
into the ground

die humans

my mom shouts
from the house
“johnny, are you ready for school?!”

I shout back

I’m ready for school alright

remembering the dead

got a fruit fly infestation in my room

i don’t care

they’re so little and cute :)

but my roommate says it’s time to get rid of them,
they’re getting all over the apartment

pee-eww, is it stinky in here, my roommate says, holding his nose, waving his arms around,
throw out your garbage that’s where they’re coming from, he says

i spray febreeze

some gets in his eyes

ahh, he screams

he runs into the wall and falls down

he crawls to the bathroom and rinses his eyes for a minute in the bath spout

pussyboy, i yell jokingly

he hee hees

i throw out my trash and come back

and we clap and we clap and we clap

woohoo! yeah! yells my roommate

i think we got them all

he claps some more

and says goood job, teamwork

he hugs me for a long time and says i know you miss her

i pat his back and rub his head

smearing the flies from my hands into his hair

he goes back into his room

i go back into mine

shut the door


a couple hours later

i notice another fly

then another

and more and more

what the hell

then i notice where they’re coming from

under my bed

i lift the dust ruffle

and i see her

she’s not lookin too hot

i think i know where they’re coming from

i lift her skirt to hundreds of flies

feasting on her forbidden fruit!

damnit! i forgot about that whore,

i gotta get rid of her!