Even the moon landing was an act of discrimination.
Blacks get cut out of everything; even
the bombing of Hiroshima failed to include them.

That the Chinese favor white rice is further proof of racism.
That the virgin’s virtue is as white as freshly driven snow
leaves out seventeen percent of the nation’s population.

Where are the reparations for that, the moon landing and the snow?
When will the fresh start begin? It is to be found between the virgin’s
legs. People demand that the white bread now be served black.

Yes, burn the white bread in the toaster oven. Turn the heat up on high.
Demand that half of the snow men be black. Demand that Hiroshima
be visited a second time, this time with a black bombardier.

People demand that reparations include the restoration of a sense of pride.
This can only be brought about true through an act of profound contrition.
When the end of the world comes, let the blacks go first.

They want to starve, too. As the population explosion nears, be sure
that blacks are given their due. In the name of justice, we mustn’t
forget to gas blacks, too. It would be the final act of white privilege.

The years of exclusion are over. Blacks and whites demand to be burned
together. We demand the end to segregated funerals. Their bodies should
be piled high, the corpses left arm in arm like interracial lovers.

One intuits the mindlessness of radical equality, the nauseating narcissism
of mutually assured destruction. We know the lawyers declared the Holocaust
legal, every murder took place under a brand-new statute.

We can trust the end of the world will pass muster. The Supreme Court
once packed with righteous jurists will see the crematoria are fully
integrated. No one will be able to say our executioners are racists.