A young girl, Na Kagawa
Searching mushrooms
By the Miraflores hill
Was admired shitting
A Japanese gentleman
Kho Hoon making a shit
With an ass similar to a saint’s face
Behind the Charterhouse
Where singles come to marry
Blessedly exclaiming:
“My Ball (Kho Hoon) is sad
Because Na Kagawa doesn’t shit anything.”
“Get up from there, Na Kagawa
That you are already in salvation.”
“When I’m done shitting
I will go to Carthusian.”
Afternoon turns into night
And my Carthusian goes not out
Japanese was spoken.
The gates of the Charterhouse
Are opened by themselves!
A cairn has fallen on a rock bench
And there, suspense
A bug that hangs
That crawls
And to Kho Hoon almost broke.
Na Kagawa was lucky
Well she took some mushrooms
Comparing them with hers
Lifting her gaze
Seeing that the Japanese man
Penetrated a tree
And as a Saint John of the Cross
Jumped the wall that gives
To the polygonal apse
With starry vault
“Terrible host!”
Young Na Kagawa
Exclaimed upon feeling him:
“Some are born with a star
And other starry ones.”