I don’t miss drinking. Still, 4:29 can’t sleep. Need to get somehow softly slaughtered. Gonna have to rub one out, rub the day off. New kind of blackout.

Sick of porn. Violent misogyny is yesterday’s news. No boundaries. No taboo left unturned. Billionaires are fucking kiddies on the front page of the New York Post like reality show gossip slang De Sades. Everybody’s eating ass like they’re dirty fuckin cupcakes. Shithole cunts. Every which way. Bitch’ll flip a Bro on his belly and dig him out like she trying to squeeze her entire face up his shit. Snoresville bitches.

Forced fake-o blowies, no real feeling. Or if they do, it’s just their own ratchet narcissism gobbling away on that thing. Pretty young tings. Pretty disgusting, actually. Bitches slurping cock on camera not cuz they want to but because they hate themselves just that much.

Fuck it. Romance is dead. Gotta chub up, get ready for war.

Hello there soldier, ready to kill more Germans?

Searches for short hair never work on the tubes. Short hair dyke nope. Short hair teen, short hair hot. Hot lesbian teen. No no no. Ugly ugly ugly. Fuckin trash heap of destroyed lives fucking their souls away for a couple hundred bucks. Fuck em. Gotta go right to the source. The Holy Whore. A different kind of whore.

@krisbianproud looking glam and gorge at San Sebastian. Very femme and womanly. I can only admire but no real thrill. Of course, beautiful as ever but these pix do nothing to capture the drip of sex that she almost always exudes.

@kristen_the_hero fucking film festivals and the couture bullshit. Yeah she looks great. Flawless actually. But not exciting man. Need some caught on tape caught unawares in Los Feliz up on Hillhurst candid paparazzi shit. Enough with the Venice, TIFF who gives a F.

Ah man there’s a nice couple half a scroll down on @kristenstewart_. Papparazzo NY maybe Paris maybe. Walking down the steps leaving Sweethearts a cafe? She’s important. Preppy beige sweater tight cashmere hugging those pert lil things. Fuck yeah. Looking dope simple pretty light makeup, shades. Baby blue collared shirt underneath. Sleeves rolled up to just above the wrist like that. Blue shirt cuffed up like that. Yeah man. Confident af. Now I’m feeling a bit of swarming in my sac. Tight ass jeans you could tell she’s got some cute ass bootlets maybe sneakers no socks on too though we can’t see and you can feel her ass in those tight ass jeans motherfuck…

@krisbian_h lookin rock n roll at the Chanel Dinner in Paris. Little black lingerie top white jacket skirt. I’m only a touch excited but not throbbing. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be tonight, Krisbian. You look great but I’m getting bored of this and wired anxious ready to put my head through a fucking wall

@kstewftw on fire tonight. Look at all these poses and silly faces shilling Charlie’s Angels. I like the reemerged KStew as pop culture iconic goddess. Hail to the killler lesbo demoness goddess. No longer the reluctant and fussy muse of Assayas. No longer making high art cinema with little pinkies and somewhat flat ass out in black panties only still in the closet. I’m into the fuck it all Capitalist movie star sneer. Very early 90s no sell out Gen Xer of her. KStew ftw indeed. She hates this making millions biz. I mean, she loves it but she wants you to know that she hates it.

The cinematic gem in every way, the untouchable Personal Shopper, Goddamn. I can’t believe I never knocked one off to that little dressing room routine. Jesus, I guess I’m even too old and “mature” to pull out any more ridiculous stunts like that. If I was 15 in would have firehosed the VCR and tv screen a la Videodrome with that shizz. Not that I haven’t rewound and watched that scene over and over and over and thank you Netflix.

Aw fuck just went back to @krisbianproud to scroll around out of fuck fuck she looks fuckin amazing arriving at Venice unkempt but totally styled even those big tore up jeans look good white belly t tousled dirt blonde fuckin a just cocking. Straight cocking. So hot. I never thought Jodie Foster was hot but now that KStew is essentially morphing into Jodie 2.0, I’m all over this kinda punk Jodie 2020 vibe. It’s how hard she’s cocking though that gets to my bone. What would they say in the trash mags? Effortlessly stylish or some lame bs.

But the just rolled outta bed after snacking on some pussy or finger fucking all night some retarded hot supermodel cunt in a zillion dollar hotel cunt or even some ugly normie bitch eat that shit and threw on a belly shirt and some sloppy jeans buncha cheap jewelry some shades and damn—art.

Man @kstewftw is totes obsessed with the girl at this “Pioneer of the Year” Award—Will Rogers?? It is a fairly hot mod look. The thousand dolla haircut and you can see it just smells like fresh munny munny munny. This giant mustard yellow Talking Heads Stop Making Sense suit with the white sports bra. It is pretty hawt have to say. @kstewftw seems to think so too just for fun. The whole girl in a suit scene is amaze if you can pull it off—if she’s trying to be a boy, I guess I’m trying to be a fag. Lock necklace, hot collar. Christ.

Now I’m a little randy nowhere near ready to pop but at least my blackness and anxiety has swayed over to semen rumbling up in the old sack I can feel them trembling

These fucking fangirls and fags in the comments are fucking embarrassing. Fucking fire emojis and which look of hers do you like best and I stan this look and I stan that look and go fuck yourself idiot Better stop reading here before I realize what’s happening here.

Oh but that cringeworthy pic from whatever vogue mag of K and Blake Lively and Amanda Seyfried and some other bim jumping on the beach grinning like multimillionaires in denial of a real world all in white shirts. Aw perfect. Oof how much she get paid for that act of utter repulsion

There she is all but turned into a boy at the Maria Cristina Hotel red carpet in Donostia. Still looks cute and girlish. I wonder what’s going on with her? I don’t fully get the gender switching thing with her. It’s like I accept it but I don’t believe it. I mean clearly she’s fully gone there and can’t really go back to being full on femme I get it. Obviously she loves fucking women and alright who doesn’t? But the switching all around with gender aesthetics I mean it’s cool and Bowie and all but, I guess I’m just a caveman. 50 year old man who theoretically wants to fuck 20 year old girls that look like boys in 2020. How droll.

Ah man. I’m not gonna get it going from this shit tonight. Fuck. No bones tonight. Sorry KStew. Fuck. I don’t wanna look at porn man. Watch Girls Do Porn before it gets taken down by THE LAW like 16 year old Traci Lords back in the day watch some dummy get taken advantage of for money clearly not enjoying herself but moaning and pretending pathetically fucked pounded away clawed at embarrassed flesh gone red from squeezing and pulling at her and pawing at her skin gone red with shame the shame on her face god help me and me too me too hashtag MeToo fuckin force it up and wretch through it like some desperate beast as I am

As I am