Summer 2003

Beyonce and Jay Z’s “Crazy in Love” screamed out from the club’s loud speakers.

It was packed.

It didn’t bother Rob; he was already five, no, six drinks into the night.

Rob likes drinking and going wild in the club, the bar, the party.

Catch a buzz, scope out the tail on the dance floor in the dark and flashing light.

His friend Brandon bumped into him. Brandon, a little unsteady on his feet, shouted as loud as humanly possible, “Hey! Dude! This chicks over there thinggg we’re cute…I’mmm gonna get us dringggs, come over ‘n’ help.”

Brandon waved his hand over to two fine=looking ladies clad in the tightest little club bunny black dresses imaginable.

They fought their way to the overcrowded bar. Rob did the ordering; four rum-and-cokes.

Brandon took two.

Before they closed the distance, Brandon shot ahead to give the second drink to the brunette with the teased-out hair, leaving Rob with a buxom blonde sporting a Pamela Anderson look.

Brandon and the brunette talked close.

The blonde locked eyes with Rob. Steady, cool, confident.

Blue eyes locked onto blue eyes.

“Uh, hey! I’m Rob!”

“Hey I’m,” Rob couldn’t hear her and cocked his head closer to her lips, and she shouted in a voice that could be husky, “I’m Sandra, but call me Sandy!” she said.

“Yeah, you come here often!?” Rob shouted back into her ear.

She poised close to him, “No, I’m usually too busy; this is just my girls’ night out.”

“Oh!? So you’re not a student?”

Sandra let out a throaty laugh, “Not for a while!”

“You want to dance?!”

“I came to the club, didn’t I?”

Summer 2023

Elizabeth wouldn’t stop kissing him once they got inside the hotel room.

And grabbing at his crotch the way oversexed 19-year-old girls like to do.

“Come on, daddy!” she squeaked, pulling away, taking his hand, and hiking up her little red dress, showing off the neon pink lacy thong that adorned her cute little butt and slim waist.

A thing she bought just for her OnlyFans sugar daddy.

One of the many things she bought from his hefty donations.

Daddy issues are so awesome.

She pulled off her dress and threw it on a chair.

The hotel room was downtown and not cheap in its Dansk Spartanness. Elizabeth was the liveliest thing in the cold grey, white, and black room.

A vivacious minx in lacy neon pink bra and panties in a cell of post-modern brutalist imposition.

But Rob knew the hotel staff, their discretion, and he was good friends with the hotel bartender. Good enough friends for the man to serve an underaged college girl.

She grabbed his belt buckle and pulled him towards the bed, rubbing her cute little ass against his straining cock spasming in his pants.

He spanked her butt and she let out a playful yelp.

She retaliated by pulling him towards her onto the bed kissing him long and deep.

He disengaged and pulled her panties to the side and ate that tight, cute little pussy.

Summer 2003

Sandra led Rob by the hand onto the dance floor and ground her round ass against his crotch. Rob wished he hadn’t worn jeans tonight. He moved in time with Sandra as Chingy’s “Right Thurr’s” blared at them.

In the dark cacophony, they moved in time, simulated sex and anonymous desire rolled in a boil. She turned around to face him; holding the drink at eye level, she said, “You’re such a gentleman for getting a lady a drink,” and slugged it down.

Sandra gyrated her thigh against his crotch.

That try-hard hungry look announcing, “We’re going to fuck tonight unless you fuck it up, boy.”

Putting her lips to his ear, hot breath dispelling the club’s AC, “How old are you?” she asked.

“22. Why?” Rob said and slid his hand her firm ass to pull her thigh away from his crotch.

Sandra kissed him long, hard, and deep.

“I like it, baby,” she let out, “I like young cock.” She turned back around, slowly moving her ass against his crotch again in time to Ashanti’s “Rock wit U.”

A buck of her hips accentuated each pulse of the beat.

Summer 2023

His crotch positioned in front of her face laying on the bed, Rob braced himself and thrust himself deep into Elizabeth’s mouth.

$7,400 in “donations,” some Amazon Wish List purchases, and a nice night out on the town: dinner, drinks at a bar, an expensive hotel room.

Amazing what a little money (for Rob) and adult attention can get a girl to do.

“I think my little girl has done more things than she let on.”

He pulled out and looked into those blue eyes of hers; they got a twinkle.

“I said I’ve only screwed one guy. I’ve given plenty of blowjobs. Tho’ veiny old man dick is new,” she laughed in a throaty giggle.

“Old man! Old man!” he said in mock offense. “I’m only 42.” He kissed her again, fondling her breasts through her bra before taking it off.

Her nipples were hard, her breasts perfect.

He sucked on them long and hard, tonguing each areola with enthusiasm.

Rob remembered his old tricks and rubbed her 19-year-old shaved pussy through the lacy thong. He forced her hips down when she bucked with pleasure.

“Okay, Daddy, you got more muscle than those boys. Even the black ones.”

He stroked between her legs, reaching the Brunswick between her asshole and cooter.

When Elizabeth moaned, he pressed harder.

“Bad girl! Bad girl!” he said between gasps.

Summer 2003

After a couple more drinks, Sandra and Rob made out in a back booth. Next to them were Brandon and the brunette.

Also making out.

Rob reached underneath Sandra’s dress and stroked her soaked panties.

She forced his hand against panties harder. Her kisses came on in furious waves.

He barely had time to breathe.

In one of the flashes of light that arced through the infernal dark, he noticed a glint of gold and gem on the left hand ring finger.

He didn’t care.

She didn’t care.

Sandra pulled her face away from his.

With gentle strokes up and down his muscular arm, she said, “Oh, God, let’s get out of here.”

“My place?”


Red hot excitement crammed every fiber of Rob’s being.

“Okay. Brandon and I came together.”

“Well, let him know; it looks like him and Denise are about to come together.”

Rob turned to Brandon, who was mid-lap dance with Denise.

“Hey man, she’s ready to go.”

Brandon looked at Denise, “Wanna bolt? Go bass to our place?”

Denise nodded her head in tipsy excitement.

Rob took Sandra by the hand and led her out into the night.

Once in the parking lot, he asked, “Do you want to take one car or two?”

Brandon and Denise came stumbling out right on their heels.

“Just the one, we took a cab tonight,” Sandra said.

“I guess I’m the designated driver,” Rob said, winking. “I only had six drinks.”

“Lead on, my good sir.” Sandra giggled, and in ten minutes, they were at the apartment sharing some more drinks.

Rob’s hands shook a little unused to Sandra’s direct and lascivious manner.

He only fumbled the keys once.

She laughed a throaty giggle.

Summer 2023

“Put it in me, Daddy,” Elizabeth asked in a soft voice.

19 years old, fertile and horny as fuck; amazing what a thousand dollars donated to an OnlyFans account can do.

Rob didn’t ask about birth control.

He didn’t care.

She didn’t care.

Rob pulled aside those neon pink panties and slid his veiny, old man, pre-cum-dripping dick into that smooth, shaved, fertile, and horny as fuck 19-year-old WAP.

The warm tightness of it in the first few strokes almost caused him to blow right there and then, but Rob found his pace and was soon working in and out of Elizabeth.

The comfortable irritation of her lacy panties adding to the dirty excitement.

“It’s so big, Daddy!” Elizabeth screamed like a 90’s porn star.

Rob put a quick hand over her mouth until she calmed down.

She bit him; it felt good.

When he pulled his hand away, she said, “It feels good, papi, much better than my last boyfriend.”

She grabbed the pillow behind her splayed-out blonde hair and arched her back.

Summer 2003

Sandra had drunk another two rum-and-cokes fixed up in the kitchen.

In control, she rode on top of Rob’s dick.

“Bigger than the last cock I had.”

Rob puffed his cheeks trying not to blow his load.

She had moves he had never seen before, outside of 90’s VHS pornos when he was a kid.

In the bed across the room, Denise was moaning like a banshee in heat. Rob could see Brandon slipping it in her back door from behind.

The longer he looked at Sandra, the more he noticed things, beyond her duplex engagement/wedding ring.

Like the beginnings of lines in the corners of her eyes showing through her makeup.

The faint stretch lines around her waist.

The looseness of her cunt that her moves made up for.

Her need to dominate a younger man.

He pushed her from off him and mounted her from behind, taking back his manhood.

“There you go, baby, give it to me hard!”

He clasped her around her free-swinging tits and fucked at a maddening pace until he nutted. He pulled her closer, pulled her in tight as the last shudders of ejaculation ran through him.

Breathless, she collapsed away from him and he got up kneeling before her, dick dripping cum and pussy juice, looking at her splayed legs.

His baby batter leaking out of her.

She rubbed a hand down there and licked a glob of cum off her fingers.

“Yummy cum, Daddy.”

Summer 2023

“Give it to me, Daddy. Give it to me, Daddy!” Elizabeth said enthusiastically as Rob entered her from behind.

He wanted to orgasm.

He didn’t want to orgasm.

He wanted to care about this little bitch taking more of money in child support and milking him for more.

“I’m young and wild” was her tag line on OnlyFans, “up for anything.”

He didn’t want to care.

Rob grabbed a fist full of her dark hair.

He could see her blue eyes rolling up into her head in the mirror above the bed.

She said she was on the pill.

“I only had sex with my high school boyfriend.”

And sucked off a lot more.

Her words were lies laced with the honey of avarice.

He had money by avoiding these things.

He pulled her head back the more she moaned.

Her baby blues closed as she fell into the rhythm of an older man taking control of her cute little ass.

“My father hates me because I have blue eyes; my brother and sister both have hazel eyes,” she said on OnlyFans.

Rob loved Elizabeth’s blue eyes.

He wanted to cum.

He didn’t want to cum.

He wanted to pull out and blow all over her back, one of his personal classics.

Fucking her tight pussy made him feel 22 again.

She gave into a massive orgasm.

Her cunt contracted hard around his veiny cock.

Rob exploded inside Elizabeth.

He pulled her tighter to his sweaty old man body until he finished.

It was a long minute and a half as he whispered into her ear, “I love you, baby.”

Over and over again.

“Daddy, it feels so good,” she whispered back to him.

She rolled over and opened her legs, giggling that throaty giggle at his sperm leaking out of her.

“Oh, God, I never knew a guy could cum so much.”

An idea lit into her and she smeared the cum on her fingers and licked them.

“Mmmm, yummy cum, baby.”

“W-w-where’d you come up with that?”

“Oh, just something my mom told she once did with a guy. Salty. She is pretty cool. I think you’d like her. She gave me support when I told her I was going to do OnlyFans.”

She rolled over into the covers. “Come, Daddy, cuddle with me. I’ve never had a man cum inside me. Your baby girl needs cuddles.”

In the quiet dark, they cuddled until he fell asleep.

When Rob woke up in the morning, Elizabeth was gone.

Fall 2003

Sandra and Rob fucked on and off for a couple of months. He got to visit the house when the husband had taken their son and daughter on a camping trip. They had a whole weekend of fucking by the pool in the backyard.

Then, one day, as the last of the leaves were falling off the trees, she sent him a text:

Listen babe, it’s been great, but I can’t keep going on like this. Something has come up and it’s put things into perspective. I can’t meet you anymore. I love you, but this just won’t work. I wish you the best and know you will meet a young woman who will make you happy one day.