I am standing before a cute mirror, therethrough looking, and I see there Prometheus, his torches with fires, a weird-like ash, a poetical comet as well as the words “youthhood of studies” in a golden frame. I want currently to frame my thoughts barely (smell but excellent!). Prometheus is a handler of the politics of golden habits. He epitomizes the politics for the sake of the neediest. His three torches denote three sorts of human, namely the needy (and the homeless), the old and ill, and the captives and freedmen as forensic diseased (themis-like equals themis-soulswards). These squads of people should be special provided by each country. All and sundry ill, indigent and old would have a claim to the lump of money of €2020 net per month. The sums correspond with the year, thus in year 2021 the money will obtain €2021. It should become the sacred duty of each land. The legislation that is able to regulate this would be called a golden law. Forwhy does it seem to be so divine? The torches withal flames are however untouchable (Stop! Danger. Do not touch!). One shall never bicker with the fire. Prometheus carries with oneself a horseshoe with the number 50, so €50 is the necessary wage floor and statutory minimum wage per hour of work. Thus it must rule in each land. The other politics, a contrario too, is called the politics of charm-like ashes.

Herein any perpetual principles are not directed, one can touch and pug jet the ash (with a dreamy water from dream-like starlet from muses, such a metaphor of the being of philosophy). A perfect politician must become the man. The tender-blissful human-becoming of the statesman eminently fulfills four kinds of ways, to wit:

  1. Devout thinker—man—politician of goodliness.
  2. Savant—human—politician of generosity—at me this has happened during my study. I would be a good polly (Australian English).
  3. Philosopher—person—pollie (New Zealand English) of atrabiliousness. I would be an aspirant of the ontology after my exam in juridical philosophy.
  4. Poet—individual (mensch in Yiddish)—politico of good-heartedness.

It is the meekest (the most blissfully, the most propitiously) and the most Apollonianly to become a poet. The poet-like politician would be the best contender. My first poesy were poems, namely: the sorrowful, which brought me a comet in 1998, once many a comet dust prettified thereof, my pneuma with rain of mays of dreamy heavenly mermaidling.