Just for today (if only for a moment), I am free to rise…as daylight’s rueful awakenings sparkle like awesome diamond clusters adrift clear blue skies. Sojourning daybreak shimmering like a brilliant peacock, proudly strutting the crystalline feathers of illustrious discovery.

Behold, as familiar clouds invoke aimless morn, like loving siblings toying with the child’s play of never-ending hope. Frolicking cotton balls billowing in mischievous air, as if nomadic premonition were gently whispering the sweet tidings of endless possibility into my welcoming ear.

Genesis shines her marvelous greeting: as bright echoes enunciate Creation’s incorruptible light. Yet (just for today), almighty time is preserved in the poignant verse of a single day. Forever…the precious affirmation of each (and every) solitary moment.

Hail, as eternity purges melancholy’s continuum (once again). Heartbeats but tiny ripples reverberating in a translucent ocean. Ephemeral waves propel Adam’s mercurial condition through enchanted waters. Every breath we take (unbeknownst to ourselves) conjuring a fluid, life-giving momentum….

Alas, in the end, perhaps only this rising tide…Nay!…this rising dawn can eschew sleep’s tantalizing blindfold!  As temporal darkness veils impending daybreak but for a moment. Mankind’s divine connectedness depicting much more than mere flesh and blood, but rather…a dissipating shadow. The unflinching passage of time imparting its somber hue like grey ash falling…as enigmatic pieces of mortality shed destiny’s ultimate horizon.

Thus, may I rest in peace, comforted to know that I have been homeward bound (all along). As my life expires not in vain uncertainty, but rather…like a tattered sail courageously riding the incandescent winds ashore.

Indeed, my soul will surely smile knowing that glistening infinity has always danced by my side. Her animated breeze beckoning human nature like the Pied Piper of new beginnings. Providence marching ambiguously beside us as if a luminous captain…quietly navigating towards bittersweet tomorrow.

Just for today, God’s majestic revelations console my anxious heart like the faithful rainbow musing a flagship’s maiden voyage. Great expectations flattering bewildered mortality more than glorious sunrise…as grandeur harbors our breathless imagination…chartering the whimsical footsteps of fate’s curious misadventure.