I squinted, letting my eyes adjust to the dim light of the dingy dive bar. It figured this was where I’d find them. Vermin in the city’s underbelly. Perfect.

Good thing I dont mind slumming it now and then, isnt it?

Shoulders back, tits out, sexy grin on my face, I sashayed through the musty interior and up to the bar.

“Hey there, stud.” I touched my tongue to my lip, drawing the sexy, older bartender’s eyes to my cherry-red lips. “Can I get a large red, please?” His gaze slid down to my voluptuous bosom sitting on the bar, threatening to burst from my low-cut dress.

He placed a generously filled wineglass in front of me, his fingers slipping to brush my dress, nipples pebbling under his accidental touch.

“Here you go, sweetheart.” Eyes flashing, he licked his lips and adjusted his dick.

“Thank you, stud.” A wink and kiss flew across the bar. He shot me a later, gorgeous look and moved along to the next customer.

I dismissed him as easily as I flirted with him. He wasn’t why I was here. As Mr. Rogers taught us, he was a helper. I leaned my elbows on the weathered wood of the bar. My eyes roamed the room, searching for the non-helpers.

There were a lot of them there. None who I was looking for.

“Another red, sweetheart?” Bold as brass, the bartender brushed my blonde hair from my shoulder and fondled my neck. I shook my head and he rubbed his thumb under my ear. “Well, the name’s Hank. Call me if you need…anything.” Hank leaned over and kissed my shoulder. “Anything at all.”

I shivered, not in anticipation as he assumed, but in revulsion.

Good Lord, does he actually think this is flirty and fun? I wanted to upend the glass over his head. This guy is creepy as fuck.

Instead, I turned and cupped his cheek with one hand, brushing my lips to his with a soft, “Will do, stud.” Then I swivelled back around to watch the crowd.

My patience paid off ten minutes later with Hank popping beer caps behind me. Five guys sauntered through the door.

“Get your sweet ass over here and take our orders.” Slim with glasses, chestnut hair gleaming, he waggled his eyebrows at her and whistled as they made their way to the corner booth.

“Hey baby, we want one of you, all around.” Freckles across the bridge of his nose, biceps bulging, the auburn-haired tank was the first to polish the worn wood of the bench seat.

“Got something for you and that tight ass of yours.” Stocky blond grabbed his crotch and leered at the waitress as he settled himself beside the Highlander wannabe.

Loud and obnoxious, their ringleader tried to shush them as he put one hand along the back of the seat and nodded to the shaking woman beside me.

“Come on over, Louanne. We don’t bite.” He laughed and winked at his buddies. “Not until we’ve had a few beers, anyway.”

Hank patted her hand. “You know they’ll only get worse the longer you wait. I’ve got your back. We both do.” He nodded at the bouncer at the end of the bar. He winked back at her.

She shuddered in a deep breath and squared her shoulders before slapping a smile on her face and heading over to the corner booth.

I guess hes not that bad after all. Then Hank smiled at me and the warm and fuzzy feeling led right back to creepy and slimy vibes.

Eyes on their booth, I finished my bargain bin Shiraz before heading over to the small dance floor. Finger tracing the entries, I threw a coin in the jukebox and keyed one in.

Hands on the Plexiglas, a grin stole across my face as the opening strains of “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails pounded through the bar.

Crook of my finger and a wink of one big brown eye called the tall, broad brunette to join me. Hips fucking the air, head back, I let the music pull at my erotic centre.

His friends whistled and pushed him over to me. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back into his already hard cock. I wound my arms around his neck, arched my back, and placed a kiss on his jaw. His fingers tightened their grip as he nibbled my ear.

“Can I get you a cab back to my place, gorgeous?” Large, hot, and insistent hands roamed up my ribs to grab my breasts. Rough, but not too rough. He kneaded them, twisting and pulling my nipples as he ground his cock between my ass cheeks.

I turned, pulled his head down to mine, and claimed his lips.

“I thought you’d never ask, stud.” He twined his fingers with mine and, after I grabbed my medium-sized satchel purse from the bar, pulled me out the door.

He was mine.



Door banged shut on the front porch of the large ranch-style home he’d brought me back to. He threw me up against the cold steel door and slid one hand up my thigh. He groaned when he found my bare, dripping pussy under my dress.

“Goddamn, you’re breathtaking.” Fingers pushing between folds, he pressed a thumb against my clit and ran one finger down the length of my cunt. He twisted my aching nipples with the other hand, smirking when I arched into him.

His words made me grin. I pressed a kiss to his lips and slid my fingers under his waistband. I dug my nails into his ass and squeezed, head dropping back against the door.

Narrowed in assessment, my eyes roamed the living room we stood in. Open concept, it bordered on the dining room behind it. A large fieldstone fireplace stood between two floor-to-ceiling windows, with window seats. My lips curved up into a devilish smirk.

“Oh, God. Love the way your nails dig into me.” He wriggled his ass against my hands. “Such delicious pain.”

Breathy and needy, I whispered, “You ain’t seen nothing yet, stud,” against his lips.

He shivered in my grasp. I opened his belt buckle and clicked his zipper open. His jeans slid over his ass, his hard cock slapping his belly.

I licked my lips, panting. This little game of ours was turning me on. My pussy clenched around his fingers as my hand stroked down his length to fondle his balls.

“Feel good, stud?” I squeezed his sack. He groaned, quaking with the sensation.

“Fuck, yes.” He pressed his dick into my hand, flexed his fingers, then tapped on my little bundle of nerves.

Bursts of light exploded at the edges of my darkening vision. My orgasm rushed towards me, pleasure barrelling into me, my hips bucking up into his hand. My head dropped to his chest. I swallowed, panting through my release. He opened his mouth and popped his fingers between his lips, sucking them clean.

I threw a leg over his hip, settling his cock between my swollen lips. He groaned in appreciation. I grinned in anticipation.

It was time.

“You hang out over at the Pit a lot, don’t you?” I rocked my hips, rubbing my pussy over his length, his angry, purple tip bouncing against his belly.

He panted, fingers digging into my hips and holding me onto his hot shaft.

“Yeah, my Uncle Roy owns the place.” Head back, he gasped out an answer, cock quivering as my pussy stroked him.

Ah, that explains everything. He would tell me anything I asked just to sink into my cunt. Men are so fucking easy.

I leaned back, wrapping my fingers around his smooth shaft, pads of my fingers softly caressing his velvety length.

“Do you remember Julia Sherman?” His confused look spurred me on. “Cute, curvy brunette. Bright blue eyes. Wearing a cute pink sundress. Wedge-heeled gladiator sandals.”

Tips of my manicured nails grazed his shaft. He thrust his hips into my fist, trembling at the erotic touch.

“Yeah, yeah, I kind of remember a chick like that.” Eyes closed, he nodded, a lascivious grin on his face. “She was a great piece of ass, that one. Surprised you’re bringing her up, though.”

Curious gaze met my smug one. Confusion creased his brow. Amusement crinkled my eyes. I cupped his cheek, thumb stroking his lips. He kissed it, sucking it lightly.

Nails scraping through his hair. His moan of ecstasy sent a thrill through me. I scratched down behind his ear and around to cup his throat.

“Fuck, yes, gorgeous. Do you like it rough, too?”

Lips a breath apart, I left a kiss on his lips, nipping the bottom one. Teeth dug in, pulled, and drew blood as I pressed my nails into his neck, compressing his airway.

I twisted the hand wrapped around his cock, pulling and squeezing him into a human pretzel. He screamed like a banshee as my razor-sharp nails broke skin and crimson blood seeped through my fingers.

“She. Was. My. Sister.” And I squeezed harder. Blood poured down my hand to drip onto his short-sleeved, cream-coloured button-down.

We fell to our knees. To anyone watching, we were lovers entwined in passion. In reality, I was a woman hell-bent on making him pay for her sister’s brutalization at the hands of vicious men.

His life force ran down my wrists, soaking his shirt and puddling on the floor. I stared at his face and answered the question in his dying eyes.

“Julia was a beautiful soul.” His soul weakened in his eyes, seeping away as he sank into oblivion. “You and your friends took the most precious part of her, her loving heart. Made her a shell of herself.”

“I’m here to return the favour.” His dying breath came with the realization he was only the first to fall.

My heart swelled with satisfaction. Sense of right and wrong warred within me, but vengeance trumped them both. Neither right nor wrong. Love for my sister drove me to avenge her brutalization at the hands of this scum and his cohorts.

Triumphant, I pulled my purse open and pulled out a bright blue body con dress, small clutch purse, and foldable ballet flats. After a quick but scalding shower, I threw my towels, clothing, and shoes into the now-roaring fireplace. I tugged the blue dress into place. With green contacts in place, I fluffed my fresh red hair, and slipped on the ballet flats.

Hand cupping my purse, I stepped around the blood pooled on the floor and grabbed the doorknob. I crossed myself and said a prayer for his soul. The door locked behind me.

Shoulders pulled back, head held high, I got into the Uber I’d ordered and directed the driver to take me home. I let out a sigh of contentment and settled into the supple leather of the 2010 BMW 3-Series.

“Good night, was it, miss?” The driver, a friendly older man, smiled at me in the rearview mirror.

“One of the best nights ever, hun.” Eyes shining, I stared at my smiling reflection in the dark window. “First of many, I hope.”


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