Scars Left Behind

Thinking about that other side,
That people have,
The dark side,
And what it all means,
He knows it isn’t about the bruises,
Or the blood,
It isn’t about what’s said,
Or left unsaid,
It isn’t about the deception,
Or the dissimulation,
The wounds will heal,
It’s about the scars left behind.

Moving Out

He was there for her,
In ways,
Big and small,
And that was everything,
Or not,
He fell,
On hard times,
Needed her,
To be there for him,
That’s when,
She asked him,
To move out.

Maybe Forever

With failure,
Comes possibilities,
Failing up,
Falling up,
Doors closing,
And opening,
He hopes that the right doors,
Are opening,
But how can he know for sure,
He can’t,
And so,
Decisions must be made,
Time to get back out there,
He keeps hearing that,
From various corners,
Time to get back out there,
Time to meet someone,
Someone new,
Someone special,
Or even someone,
Not so special,
And he’s not sure,
How he feels about it,
He sometimes feels okay,
More sure of it,
Than at other times,
Ask him after four glasses of red,
And the answer will be different,
Than the answer he’ll have,
On Monday mornings,
Ask him after he’s just come back from a long hike,
And the answer will be different,
Than moments after,
He unwittingly glances,
At his outdated,
Marital tattoo,
Good ideas,
Until they aren’t,
Until it isn’t,
Until he isn’t,
To pick up the pieces,
Or what’s left of the pieces,
To rebuild,
To reach into the bottom of his soul,
To get through the day,
That becomes days,
That becomes weeks,
That becomes months,
That will eventually become years,
To do all this,
And to see clearly,
That he doesn’t truly know,
And maybe,
If he’ll be able to feel,
For someone else,
What he felt,
For her.