Power me up Scotty I’ve ratcheted my girdle and I’m ready to rock and roll.

The robot is feisty tonight. I like that.

I plug her in and attach her power tools. Her radial arm reaches out to caress me. I have to duck. It’s too early to get into the serious stuff. She’s coming at me like a teenager’s Chevy truck, all muscle and rumble.

What’s the matter baby? Don’t think you can handle me? Don’t want the fullbore allnight power trip? You know I can rock you good, rock you hard.

Honey I want you but I just can’t take it tonight. I’m kinda tired. Kinda wore out.

I screw on her other hand, the deft one. She sighs. Aaah that’s good. She flexes her steel fingers, stretches her chrome-wire muscles.

I shiver at the sight of her. She’s strong, a hard-driving machine.

You want to give me the dick?

I don’t think so. Not tonight.

Baby you’re getting weak.

I’m getting old.

Not too old, though.

She leers at me through gleaming teeth that can crush glass.

Come to mama.

I move in, closer, a little edgy. I don’t feel like getting chewed up again. Not tonight.

A piston fist wraps my wrist, drags me closer. I smell her ozone. I shudder. Starting to want this.

Beautiful, I breathe into her ear.

She growls back, the sound of metal bells. The cruel teeth clank. Her eyes blind me. I let go.

Making love with metal is different. Your expectations have to shift. You have to be cautious, but it’s not any good if you’re afraid.

I’m always afraid of her. She hurts me, often, and a lot. That saw blade on the end of her left arm chews through flesh in a blink. Even the gentler parts of her hurt. Her ladypart, supposedly made for pleasure, is a grinding machine. It crushes me like a concrete block coming down on a pair of toes.

How did I get into this? She was a going-away present from my officemates. They thought I’d need entertainment after I retired. A hamster would have been fine. But no. I got a half-ton of machine love. The latest model with a full array of attachments.

I think she loves me.

I think I love her.

But it hurts.

Her razor toenails rake my calf as she wraps her legs around me, toppling me. Breath oofs out as my chest caves. The weight of her bullet breasts cracks a rib or two. I stroke her slick back, feel an electrical charge build on my skin.

Fingers fly away as her radial arm nicks my hand. Blood splashes her chrome flesh. She grins, metal icy.

Baby, it’s so good, she says. Do you want me?

Yes, I want you.

Steel fingers hook into my back, ribboning the flesh. The floor under me is slick with blood. This is the part where I start to lose it. Hover between desire and fear.

The next part is where I disappear. Literally.

She’s too strong and too sharp. My flesh tatters. My arm goes in one careless caress, thunking to the floor. I’m stroking her with stumps. I’m a starfish, I’m a chunk of meat going through the grinder.

Her relentless cunt chews into my cock. It won’t leave anything behind.

Her teeth rip into my neck. Her tongue is a spike stabbing through my ear into my brain. She stirs me like a pudding.

It’s all going now.

This is the