Scientists and technological innovators predict that sometime in the near future, devices and various interfaces will have progressed to the point where humans can be transported, mentally or otherwise, to a sort of alternate reality. This new sort of simulated existence would be artificially manifested as a reality parallel to our own, a “Virtual World,” if you will. The possibilities that emerge as a result of this fascinating concept would truly only be limited by our own creativity. This “Virtual World” would essentially extend to the furthest reaches of human imagination. The truly amazing thing about this “Virtual World” is that anyone can essentially create one. You can visit a server generated by someone else, or one independently organized and designed, and this flexibility allows for nearly infinite possibilities.

In the virtual world, users could control an “avatar,” with a physical appearance tailored to their own preferences and tastes. A black man, a white woman, some kind of abhorrent monstrosity formed from the unnatural combination of aspects of different races and sexes: all could be procedurally generated to satisfy the desires of you, the user! These “avatars” could interact with each other, or explore the vast expanses of the virtual world on their own, doing really whatever the fuck they want. This is called “freedom.” While there does exist in our current times some form of “freedom” enjoyed by certain classes, the flexibility and processing power of the virtual world makes this scarce and dangerous resource available for even the most depraved and childish users.

In the virtual world, you can do anything you want to a simulated model of the World Trade Center circa mid-2001. This is okay because it is virtual. There is nothing wrong with doing things to these “buildings,” as nobody is getting hurt in the non-virtual or “real” world. You can paint them purple. It wouldn’t even take a long time because of the infinite powers you can give your avatar in this world. You could make a giant purple paint bucket; who cares? You could fly too, probably. If you wanted, you could crash your avatar into the simulated model of the World  Trade Center and alter the physics engine of the universe to create large explosions and send those buildings tumbling down. Should you do this? I don’t know; scientists don’t have the answers yet. This is still only a theory.

In the virtual world, you can set anything you want as the global currency, such as cum, piss, ass tarts, Bitcoin, or a car. Currency could be used in simulated societies populated by either non-player characters or other human-controlled avatars. You could buy things with it. You could buy ANYTHING with it. Models of anything can be created in this virtual world. It is like a cool game. You could buy a dinosaur at the market. You can pay for it with Bitcoin or piss, it really doesn’t matter since the value given to currency is assigned as a global rule. Or at least it could be. Again, there’s a lot of flexibility. You could buy a woman with Bitcoins. In the virtual world, women are property. Possibly, if you want it to be like that. Does it matter if it’s not real? Who’s to say but YOU, the user, the one in control of a virtual world avatar player.

In the virtual world, everything is “legal” because there are no laws except the ones that you create for yourself. You could make college free, if college is a thing in your virtual world. You could make it mandatory to wear a model of a frog on your avatar’s head, which could be really gross if frogs take shits in the virtual world. You could have virtual world sex, too, with anything probably since it’s all programs and models and stuff. I’m sure nobody would abuse this since the virtual world is a neutral thing and only as bad as people make it. Could there be gay people in the virtual world? I don’t know; I didn’t invent it. Maybe!

In the virtual world, you can play cool games like checkers with your friends from around the globe.

In the virtual world, you don’t have to sleep or piss or whatever unless you want to. I mean your avatar doesn’t. Maybe the scientists will make it so that you don’t have to in the real world too, or like you’re in a tube or something so you can just go in the tube and you’re asleep the whole time anyway. Maybe it’s just like cooler dreaming where you can shoot black people or fuck giraffes or whatever the fuck you choose to do in the virtual world, which again is totally fine because it’s not real anyway and nobody in the real world is getting hurt.

So yeah, that’s pretty much a quick and dirty description of what the scientists said. I sure am glad that sometime in my lifetime I will be able to visit or maybe even live in the virtual world. Maybe you could come hang out with me at my virtual world house that we can drive to in my virtual world sports care while we rail virtual amphetamines. Not sure how drugs would work actually, but that’s just how exciting technology is.


Steve Jobs