On an October evening, Theo looked out over his property. It was mostly flat fieldland after his lawn ended and dropped down a hill. The sky was orange and the air very dry, so dry that he could make noises with the rasp of his lips as he watched his white dwarf run far out into the high grasses until he was nearly invisible.

Theo thought of Dr. Pepper and Hennessy.

Implanted into the top of the hill was a jeweled mahogany throne which Theo sat in and wondered about nature. Although the insects had either slowed to inconsequence in the chill fall air or had died, the black man did not like being outside.

He picked up the trumpet beside his throne and his cheeks blew out like a bullfrog’s as he played his music, the jazz, out into the wild fields.

Shortly thereafter, the white dwarf was seen below approaching from the darkened autumn meadow. He had a bleached mullet and a beard. His clothing was from Amazon. This evening, he wore a sparkling green tracksuit purchased as a lightning deal.

Theo only bought him clothes that sparkled. He thought it made the little guy look good and sporty. He also made him bleach his hair and beard and grow a mullet for that very reason.

When the white dwarf got to the top of the hill, he bowed to the sixty-year-old black man and turned around to sit at his feet as instructed.

“Milky, Milky,” said Theo, patting the dwarf on his mulleted head. “Are you happy, Milky?”

“Yes, King,” came the squeaky voice.

“Did you have a good run today? Did you run hard for me?”

“I ran as hard as I could, King. It hurt my sides.”

“Good, son. Good, Milky. Turn around here, boy. You must be thirsty.” The husky black man scratched his dick and reached his hand into his pocket for the jujubes. “You alright?” he said.

And the white dwarf squeaked, “JUJU,” and opened his mouth as far as it would go to catch the jujube before the black hand threw it into his mouth. Milky bit into it and found, to no surprise, that it was a lemon flavor.

“That’ll wet your whistle,” said Theo, and stood up from the jeweled throne. He felt around in his pocket again and said, “Hey, boy, what have we got here!”

Milky looked up, amazed. It was a red jujube. He had never seen one before except on the box. “JUJU,” he almost squealed and opened his mouth.

The black man pulled the sleeves of his purple sweater up on each arm and drew the kufi hat back on his brow. He wound up like a pitcher and threw the red jujube as hard as he could at the white dwarf’s face, hitting him right on the eye and bouncing off into the grass.

“You moved!” said Theo, as the dwarf ignored his hurting eyeball and searched the ground for the color red. “It is there!” said Theo, pointing to the ground. Milky quickly crawled to where the black man pointed. “It’s right there!” said Theo, “You blind?” Milky swore he looked right where the black hand pointed but saw nothing. He looked up meekly to see if he misjudged the aim and the black hand was pointed completely in the opposite direction.

When the white dwarf crawled about five yards to where he was now pointing, Theo ran and kicked hard. He kicked hard, right, and solid on the dwarf’s little ass like he would a soccer ball. He kicked with every bit of his old black strength and watched as the dwarf, in the sparkling green suit, flailed its arms and kicked out its legs, until they were nearly in a splits, before he finally fell still in the grasses of the field at the bottom of the hill.

Milky had finally caught his breath and slowly stood up. Up there in the night was the large black man waving his long black arm at him. Then the arm stayed still pointing to the east. The white dwarf turned and saw a full moon in the much darker direction, just the whitest of moons surrounded by seas and seas of black. It was pretty, Milky thought, before Theo shouted, “Look, Milky, I found your little white lily ass!” and began laughing in his deep way.


“Christ, Theo, I told you to not bring that little goblin into the house!” Theo’s Nigerian wife said and pinched her nose shut as she shooed her husband and Milky to the basement door. She waved the white stink away and sloughed it off her tight orange dress as she hurried to the far side of the castle.

Theo smiled each time he pushed open the large oak door because of the ghostly creak it made. The installers took a long while to perfect the sound. Milky hopped down the stone steps before him into the long room lit by gas torches. All of the castle was constructed of hewn stone but was hidden inside, except for the basement.

“Time for YOUTUBING,” Theo yelled, the midget passing the naked redhead chained to the wall by her ankle.

There were four naked white women in the basement, all chained to the wall. All PAWGS. One blonde, one redhead, one brunette, and one BBW were chained to the wall next to his computer system. He made the BBW dye her hair silver like a superheroine.

On the other side of the computer was a wooden perch that Milky climbed up on and crouched out of habit. He was not allowed to watch the giant screen that descended behind him unless permitted.

“Let’s see who’s streaming tonight,” Theo said, and searched through his notifications. “Oh shit! Tony T. is on!”

Milky never knew what was occurring on the screen behind him as he crouched on his perch. From the speakers and expressions on the chained, naked womens’ faces, he could gather that they were watching some sort of violent or sexual act. Theo’s viewing habits never changed.

Tonight, after some sort of cacophony, he heard a man on the YouTube freestyle rapping. Milky watched the naked women snarl their lips, bounce their heads, and make signs with their hands until the rapper stopped and Theo said, “That was bangin.”

From years of perching, the white dwarf looked less and less on the women with lust until their shapes, voices, and movements were objects of revulsion. A pile of dogshit would be more pleasant to him. A hog being hung from the rafters and butchered would be more wholesome.

He hoped dearly that Theo would not put on Pornhub tonight, but he knew that would be hoping for too much. Only one night a week from seeing or hearing these women playing with their bodies would make him grateful.

Milky slapped his little thigh, knowing that each prayer or hope of his would turn out for the worst. And as the women swung their arms, their tits flapping to the violence now on the screen, he winced at the sound of a man being maimed or raped behind him on the livestream while the crowd screamed “OOOHHHHHHH,” and “WO HOO HOOO” and “YOU’S A HO, NIGGA, YOU’S A HO, NIGGA,” along with sounds of cackling like birds from the Mesozoic.

Without sight of the screen, Milky had only those women to set his hatred onto, and as they screamed along with the animals on the screen, he had to focus to keep from vomiting. He tried closing his eyes and breathing to steady his stomach, but tonight was a bad one. He took his balls in his hand and squeezed them until tears ran down his face.

As another man was slaughtered, mutilated, or defiled behind him, Milky heard one of the monsters begin speaking as if he were in some Greek tragedy. He was no Sophocles, but the dwarf heard him clearly for a moment when he said, “You gotta stay clean for the dream, you all’s know what I mean!” and the women stared at the screen as though some god had spoken.

Theo shouted, “YES, that’s what I’m talkin’ about, bitch!” and he demanded the white dwarf come down from his perch.

The beatings would be early tonight, Milky thought, and was somewhat grateful as he hopped down. But he saw that Theo had not risen from his chair.

“Anna Beth,” Theo said, spinning around in his chair, “you get your ass down on the concrete and spread those wings.”

Anna Beth was the blonde. Milky watched her spreading her long legs, her head raised up smiling between them.

“Go over, son,” Theo said to the dwarf. “Go get some pussy. Go on now, don’t be afraid.”

The women laughed as the dwarf walked over to the blonde, his eyes averted to his feet.

“Take off your clothes, boy!” Theo yelled and laughed along with the women. “Get your ass over here, Tara,” he said and the BBW crawled in her chains over to aim her large ass at the black man. “Go on, get fucking, son. Show Daddy how a boy fucks a grown-ass woman.”

The white dwarf did his best to avoid it, but he glanced between the blonde’s legs and saw the most gruesome object he had ever seen in his life. Like some pink and vile deep-sea mollusk, it stuck inside his head to never be erased. A giant ocean entity. An enormous abalone turned onto its back and quivering. Something unfinished with the need to be completed. A pink-frilled Antichrist.

When he got on top of her, he mimicked what he saw the black man do to them. But there was no desire. That was long gone. He rubbed himself on her for a long time, terrified at the moment he’d feel that pink monster grasp ahold of him and drag him completely into the world of tits and ass for eternity.

Anna Beth laughed and shouted, “He’s soft!”

“SON,” Theo said, and slapped the BBW’s ass. “What are you doing? This is your CHANCE. Your chance to FUCK! So FUCK! Don’t make me come over there, boy.”

The blonde laughed and pushed the dwarf off of her and onto his back. She began sucking at his penis. Milky squeezed his eyes and tried to think of something, anything that would arouse him and get this over with.

The female body brought him nothing but the urge to vomit. Men he didn’t even consider. He thought of animals. He thought of leopards, weasels, peacocks. He thought of grasshoppers, bumblebees, dandelions. He considered cement walls, the Eiffel Tower, the tales of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest. Not one object, not even his tomato garden, would arouse his lust in any way. Tears began dripping from his eyes.

Anna Beth saw and stopped sucking. “You fucking faggot, get away from me!” she screamed and ran over to cry against the stone wall. “He’s so fucking small you wouldn’t feel it anyway, Anna,” said the redhead, who hurried to comfort her.

Milky, still on his back, saw the blurred image of Theo standing over him completely naked except for his kufi hat. He demanded the dwarf get up, but he kept crying there on the concrete. Theo seemed to have left, but soon the dwarf felt a large weight drop on him and saw it was Anna Beth who was still sobbing.

“Come on bitch, give that fucking ASS, come on BITCH, get it BITCH.”

Milky saw the blurred image of the black man pushing into Anna as her breasts bounced onto his tiny stomach.

“This is how we fuck, boy. This is fucking. Ahh, GOD, I got something for you. Oh, you BITCH, BITCH, BITCH.”

Milky saw the black man pull off of the weeping Anna Beth to crouch over him. Theo tugged his big black cock fiercely and said, “I got something for this little white bitch.”

The black man’s juice stung the white dwarf’s eyes. Milky closed them and they burnt and burnt while the juice kept erupting down onto his cheeks, his nose, his beard. The dwarf believed the disgrace and defilement would never stop coming.


Milky sat in his little gardener’s house looking over the picture of his dark-haired dwarf mother. He had sprayed his face with the hose and changed into his nightie and, now, inside the wooden and cement-floored shack, he could finally think. Throughout his life, he could not think around others, at least not in any considerable way.

But tonight, the dwarf did not want to think. He wanted to go to bed. His thoughts hit at him like night insects on a light bulb, and as for the night, he was still incredibly afraid to wander out into it. But the thought of escaping came to him. The night, however, was full of the color black, so the urge to flee was overcome with the terror of that shade.

When a thought, like a June bug, struck its hard shell against the light bulb, the dwarf placed the picture of his mother aside and reached for the drawer on the desk which he dreaded opening ever since he placed the item inside.

It was a picture of a golden-haired man with a gold beard, shirtless, gold-tanned, tall, and strong. He was holding up a stringer of fish with the sun burning down so vigorously that the entire picture was glowing.

Quickly, he held up a mirror and saw his bleached beard and hair. Bleached from a box. And he looked at his blue eyes that were not right. He looked back at the picture and the man’s eyes were much different. He placed the mirror down on the table and stood looking down at his eyes and back to the eyes of the golden man. Looking back at his dwarf eyes, he again saw tears welling.

It was too much.

He put the picture of his dad back in the drawer.


When the white dwarf wasn’t entertaining the black man, he was entertaining the tomatoes. Near noon on the next day, he was placing straw around the plants. He looked at the large stem of green tomatoes. There were six on the stem. All were large and about to turn pink, except for one tiny one on the end that was gnarled and beginning to rot. He picked it off and threw it into the yard.

“Grab a couple of those for the Missus to fry,” hollered Theo, who was opening up the fence to the garden. “Cucumbers are looking good. What is that over there? Peppers?”

Milky nodded. The black man acted like last night never occurred. The dwarf suspected he would. At least he could give him some room from his blackness for a little while, let him just be in the garden of all places. It was all the dwarf could do to carry all three tomatoes over to Theo without dropping them. The black man took them all in one hand.

“Guess what I got in my pocket?” Theo said. He dug around in his pocket and held the red jujube up. In the sun it shined like a ruby.

The dwarf just stood there next to the tomatoes.

“Well?” said Theo. He looked down on the dwarf. The dwarf made no response. “Well, well…”

Milky jumped out the garden into the grass and circled the black man, hissing and snarling.

“What in the fuck,” said Theo.

Milky hopped forward and clawed the air with his pudgy hands.

“What the FUCK,” said Theo, stepping back.

The dwarf growled like a rat.

“JESUS,” said Theo, stepping back again.

On seeing him backing up, Milky dove and clasped onto the black man’s leg and tore into it with his teeth.

“GAHHH,” said Theo, kicking his leg to get the small animal off, then grabbing the dwarf’s mullet. He dropped the green tomatoes, grabbed hold of Milky’s upper arm, and let go of the mullet to grip into the back of his neck.

When the dwarf felt the power of the man’s grip, he knew all was vanity. Although his dad was normal height and a man of power with the eyes of a killer, Milky was only a dwarf. His dad could’ve tore the black man apart, but he was not like his dad. He was not like his dad’s dad. He was not like any of them that made him live, and none of them, not some vision on a picture, could save him now. Milky was eternally stunted like all of the other white dwarves.

Theo reached down, took the dwarf by the ankles, and began swinging him around. Like a child, Milky was completely at this giant black man’s mercy as he spun faster and faster. Unlike a child, Milky did not laugh.

And when Theo let go, the little body nearly crossed the afternoon sun. It felt like nothing the dwarf had felt before. He felt free with the air humming all around him. The liberty hummed in his ears as he soared. But beyond everything, it was the warm, flooding feeling in his sparkling track pants that gave him the most joy. Unbelievable, this sensation, as he felt his penis grow erect and started to smile just as he hit the ground.

The small body rolled so nasty and wild across the grass on the other side of the garden fence and seemed to stop dead on its back.

The black man walked over to the dwarf and looked down on it.

With its blue eyes rolled back into its skull and head twitching, the white dwarf repeated: