Zonnet Eighteen

Shall I compare thee to the rambling dead
Thou art most gruesome in so many ways
Tough times don’t shake nor your actions a dread
In summer’s high heat you walk on for days
At times your skin just sizzles like bacon
More often than not it just comes right off
From here to there you may be forsaken
By luck or by chance, it starts with “the cough”
For you are eternal, that is the truth
Even when all that remains is your bones
Death shall not brag nor enslave not a tooth
Nor time rule its court with punishment stones
So long as the dead shall walk, may it be
So longer still, may death look good on thee

October Candy

always delicious
caramel coated secrets
filling head to toe

every known desire
into every shape of joy
pleasure without end

for one complete year
all the lust you could handle
for all your reasons

happy with your luck
you named the part, it was played
never asking why

shifting every mood
whatever flavor you liked
blonds, brunettes, redheads

as a year draws near
probably don’t remember
October promise

she is still a witch
signed a contract with your blood
one year for your soul

Seven More Chupacabra Truths

Number Eight

what is true happiness
except the harmony
between a chupacabra
and the goats he must slay

Number Nine

so long as the book of
Chupacabra Truths remains empty
so shall your life
remain devoid of belief

Number Ten

don’t put the chupacabra
before the bloodless evidence
it’s brother, the wolf
has a claim in the deed

Number Eleven

dead chupacabras tell no tales
dead goats cry no crime
denying the wrongful deed
taunting coyotes do no time

Number Twelve

a goat dies a thousand deaths
the dog simply goes missing
the cat will go through at least nine lives
but the chupacabra lives forever

Number Thirteen

a chupacabra without fangs
is like a goat in its clutches

a chupacabra without fangs
are like fat, defenseless kolaches

Number Fourteen

truth killed the goat
a temporary belly as coffin
hunger pushed the chupacabra
to a lifetime of murder

Chupa-Ku, Volume XII: No. 56-60

handled correctly
a caged chupacabra
might not harm a soul

endangered specie
how the grey chupacabra
entered your mainstream

horror is sitting
by the old dead mesquite tree
watching intently

what is a dinner
but a four-legged victim
free for consumption

when writing freely
about el chupacabra
remember to growl