He gets in the cab outside the apartment complex. He’s maybe 25 years old. His fingernails are long and filthy and he’s wearing $90 jeans.

“Take me to the Northwest hospital,” he says. “ER. Shit, I just came home a couple of hours ago and found my wife on the floor. The ambulance came and they said I could ride with them, but when I went to get my coat, they fucking left me. I mean, she’s been depressed lately, but I didn’t think she’d go this far. Her doctor gave her pills for her depression and she fucking took the whole bottle.”

“Oh, man,” I say, “I’m sorry.”

“Fuck, the holidays, you know?”


“Hey, is there a mini-mart we can stop at? I need a Red Bull. I don’t want to fall asleep.”

“Sure, there’s one on the corner here.”

I pull in and he gets out. I can see him through the window of the mini-mart; he goes up to the counter, then apparently forgets something and runs back to an aisle and comes back to the counter again. Then he points and I can see the cashier pulling out some lottery scratch-offs. He stands there and scratches them off while a couple of other people stand behind him in line. He comes out.

And I take him to the hospital.


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