Sitting on the bus behind this girl with two beautiful braids, which I couldn’t help but photograph, my virtue was unable to overcome the evil inclination that led me to entangle my passion for her between her bonds. I fixedly looked at her parting and her nape, mentally wishing to produce a burning sensation in her that would reach her head and from there to her beautiful sex.

I was dying of passion for her; she widened my fly; begging the Devil to help me:

“Satan, whisper in her ear and tell the girl that the man behind her wants to masturbate with her braids and cum on her neck, as he did in other times with her girlfriends, all of them whores.”

Satan had to say something to the young woman, because she moved in her seat, and before getting off at her stop, turned her head back, noticing the slimy signs that I was sending her, because she fixed me with a look of killer woman.

I smiled at her with my false teeth that moved in my jaws, she could not avoid a smile that made her get off the bus in a hurry and turn to me, already at the stop, showing me her boxer pose and tight pants that she drew on her crotch the lips of her cunt.

I stuck my tongue out of it, making the gesture of licking it, but I only licked the glass of the bus window that separated me from her. She made me the “son of a bitch” sign with her right hand.

“Well,” I told myself, “what are you going to do? Any bad trip happens to anyone.”