Blurred Reality

Since you left me, I’ve been taking a lot of Ritalin and binging porn like I did when I got my first laptop at 16. I’ve been writing down any perversion that I want to make sure to remember. The trouble is that the porn inspires me as well, and some of the notes just end up being what I’d like to see. But because of the drugs, I can’t always tell what’s what a few days later. In a weird way, your absence is causing memory loss in me.

Anyway, I figure you’re jerking off a lot these days too, and I like the idea of me still playing a role in all that. Here you go.

Spitting in a champagne flute while getting sodomized. Pouring it over her shoulder down her crack to lube the cock.

Cumming on a cake platter and having the girls snort it with thick-cut straws.

Having him come in her mouth so hard it comes out her nose (angry dragon), snot-rocketing it out into the other girl’s mouth.

Cumming in one girl’s mouth, letting it pool there. Having the other girl suck it out with a crazy straw.

Amateur fucking her ass with the handle of a thick brush. When it’s too much, she pulls it out and spanks herself with the other end. She puts it back in. After she cums, she goes ass to mouth with the brush.

Double anal as part of an anal-only commitment when she wants to get DPed.

While she’s blowing you, she blows her nose on the cock and keeps sucking.

She blows you, and when you’re ready to cum, you pull out, have her flare her nostrils, and shoot straight up them. Have her stick out her tongue and snot-rocket the cum into her own mouth.

Ass-to-other-girl’s-mouth with a mother-daughter pair. Have them talk about it. Recall changing diapers and the like.

Fuck one’s ass, put it in the other’s mouth, back to ass, have them make out and talk about it.

Fuck one’s ass, then her pussy, and then put it in the other girl’s mouth. The second girl complains that the order of the orifices should be switched. Oblige.

Fuck one’s ass while fingering the other’s ass. Then have each blow you with the pinky as well, so both can suck off two asses at once.

Blow a load in one’s mouth, have her spit it into the other’s gape. The girl with the gape flips over and squeezes it back into the first’s mouth. Cum swap.


I know you said you don’t want my letters anymore, but I really do have to ask you this, for legal reasons.

As Father Misty says, “And I’m writing a novel because it’s never been done before.” All I know is that the first line absolutely has to be, “Remember that time we accidentally fucked your mom?” I figure it’ll be about you, of course. Are you cool with that?


“Blurred Reality” and “Legal” are excerpts from Richard Power’s new memoir, Letters from a Heartbroken Pervert. You can purchase the book from Terror House Press here.