In this play that was not performed at the Casa de Cultura in Aranda de Duero, but was performed in “La Tangente” in Burgos, Daniel “the Poet” appears as the protagonist of a beautiful but lazy woman who wanted to be credited as industrious, and very modern, with her friends and husband; when they come to visit her she tells them:

“Lesbians to Lesbianar, where the 120 are.”

Because her husband didn’t care that she slept with lesbians, because he had had affairs with many of them spending the money from the house and, even one day, a mortgage receipt.

Sometimes he found several panties of hers, because he was a fetishist, put in a jar where they kept the sausages from the slaughter that her parents made every year, hers her in-laws. When she brought out some sausage, she always brought out a pair of sticky panties with the red paprika and oil from the vat.

“Sometimes, it makes me want to shit in the jar,” she told him.

He answered:

“If you ever think of doing this, I’ll beat you to a pulp or I’ll call all the neighbors and friends, and even the homophobic priest of our parish to tell them:

“‘Come in and you will see how I take out from behind a chest the jar recently screwed up by a lesbian full of aged sausages that you are going to taste.’”

She replied:

“Less ‘Little Hood’ wolves; that what matters to you is to use what belongs to others and make yourself fierce when, in truth, you are nothing more than a lazy and drunken wimp; and, also, quite faggot and bitch hiccups.”

He claimed:

“Yes, I know how you tell me: ‘In Moradillo, distemper sucking your Pussy; in Aranda, Albarda so that the beast that you are does not get hurt.’”