Emerald wrap dress clinging to my curves, I smiled at ruby-red toenails peeping from my matching four-inch Louboutins. Long, jade pendant hung around my neck. Large satchel over one arm.

Perfect, smudge-proof lipstick.

Subtle, yet striking, makeup.

Attitude wrapped snugly around my shoulder like a comfortable sweater.

I plumped up my red hair and pulled open the heavy wooden door, smell of stale cigarettes and day-old beer greets me as I enter the dingy dive bar.

Sensual feel of my silky skirt teased my thighs. My needy sex clenched, aching for some attention. I took a deep breath, squared my shoulders, and stroked my jade spear for luck.

A dishevelled but well-dressed man sitting by the window eye-fucked me. My nipples hardened at his slow, lascivious smile. He piqued my interest.

But that wasn’t my purpose. Well, not entirely.

I dropped him a thanks, but maybe next time smile and walked to the far end of the bar, resting my purse on the hook under the shiny oak top.

I will never understand what drew her to this little hole-in-the-wall flea pit.

My eyes accustomed to the dim interior, I winked at the older bartender, calling him over so I could order.

Bloodshot brown eyes ate up my voluptuous breasts, roamed up to my face, and settled on my lips before dropping back to my cleavage.

“What can I get for you, sweetheart?” He reached out, one finger nudging my hand and, when I smiled, rubbing my nipple through the green silk of my dress. His lips parted, dark pink tongue licking them as he watched my peak push against its confines.

Revulsion shuddered through me, his touch like a dozen garden snakes up and down my body. My jade spear pendant jostled against my skin.

Emboldened by my reaction, which wasn’t what he thought it was, he grinned and said, “Let me guess…you look like a tequila girl. Am I right?”

My ruby-red lips curved up at his words. He couldn’t be further from the truth. Never touched the stuff. Nothing good ever came from drinking agave juice. Trust me, figured that hard truth out long ago. And now my sister paid the price for not listening to my sage warnings against it.

“Nope, sorry, handsome. Not even close.” My long, manicured nails traced circles on his hand. “I’m a vodka girl, through and through.” He shivered as I ran my fingers through the hair on his forearm. “I’ll have a Cosmo, please.”

My come-fuck-me eyes did their job. He adjusted himself as he turned to make my drink. A double, by the looks of it. And free.

It paid to be a woman sometimes. Especially with the night I’d planned.

A large booth in the corner caught my eye. Raucous, the three men teased and tormented the poor waitress with their lewd and handsy comments. Self-satisfaction curled my lips. Sweet tenderness to rival a seasick crocodile welled up in my prickly centre.

This would be another great night.

An invigorating energy bubbled beneath the surface.

Addictive. Compelling. I felt more alive than I’d felt in months.

“Roxie! Order up for table three.” The bartender broke my reverie when he called out to the waitress at the rowdy booth across the bar and placed my drink in front of me. He ran his hand up my arm.

He turned my hand in his grip and stroked my wrist. Uncomfortable with that, I made a show of sniffing my drink as I lifted it to my mouth.

“Smells yummy, handsome.” My tongue swiped some sugar off the rim. I moaned a little, lips wrapped around the straw, and sipped. His eyes widened, breathing shallow, as his pink tip again moistened his lips.

“Hank, sweetheart. M’name is Hank.” He grasped my fingers, kissing my knuckles as he stroked the back of my hand.

Ew, so creepy and slimy.

I wanted to yank my hand back. To sanitize it. But I was on a mission. It was necessary to endure the slimy bits in order to achieve my objectives.

“Well, Hank, it’s nice to meet you.” I leaned over and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “My name’s Sam.”

He nodded and turned to get the drink order from the returning waitress. She leaned over and introduced herself.

“Hank’s a little slimy,” she whispered, “but he’s a good guy. You could do a lot worse here.” Her eyes slid to the booth, then back to Hank as he dropped the drinks and food on her tray. “A lot worse.”

That clinched it. Strengthened my resolve.

Look out boys, here I come. I downed my drink, nodded at Hank, and told Roxie, “Take a break, love. I’ve got this.”

Eyebrow raised, I took the tray with a wink. Balanced on one hand like a pro, the drinks barely moved as my training at the neighbourhood diner flooded back to me. Eyes bright, ears open, I listened as I approached the rowdy booth.

“Hey, Jax, where’s Kyle tonight?” Black-rimmed glasses perched on his nose, the slim guy in a burgundy golf shirt pushed a lock of chestnut hair from his face. “Called him earlier, but didn’t get an answer.”

Dark and brooding, a thick, swarthy man shook his head before answering. He was obviously Jax. I hid a grin at that little tidbit of information.

“No idea. Didn’t show up to work today, either. No surprise after he snagged and bagged that blonde last night.” The group of them laughed. “I mean, y’all saw her. She was racked, stacked, and ready to plunder. Lucky ass.” His jade-green eyes narrowed as he watched me approach the table. “Should’ve asked him if he needed some backup to keep her interested.”

They all knocked fists and called, “Hells to the yeah!” Their guffaws echoed as I pulled up to the booth with a forced smile.

God, they are such assholes. Fun. Friendly. Flirty. The three-Fs of waitressing flashed through my mind.

“Now, you boys give Roxie a real good tip, yeah?” I winked at the blond at the end of the bench, grinning at the flush that moved up his neck.

I slid the tray onto the table and passed everyone their drinks before sidling in beside a stocky blond with a trimmed beard and moustache. My hand rested on his hard thigh, fingers pressing and stroking, and leaned my chin on his shoulder.

“I’m ready to call it a night, Thor. Wanna take me home?” His hips rocked forward, pushing an impressive ridge into my hand. I cupped his cock and nipped at his ear. “What do you say, sexy?”

He wrapped his arm around my waist, growled, “You can call me Nelson,” and slid off the bench as I whimpered in his ear, “I’m Sam.”

“Well, boys, it’s been a slice, but I’ve got places to plunder.” He winked, his next words almost drowned out by their guffaws and catcalls. “And, no, Jax. I don’t need any backup. I got this.”

His fingers dug into my ass. I allowed him to lead me from the bar. A look over my shoulder told me everything I needed to know. The two men watched me with lust in their eyes and repressed action coiled in their bodies. I could tell they wanted to join us.

With a Cheshire cat grin on my face, I blew the table a kiss and waved. This would be easier than I expected. They were all mine. They just didn’t know it. Yet.

They were putty in my hands. A contented sigh shuddering through me at the thought. I snuggled into Nelson’s body as the icy fingers of fate squeezed my heart. He flagged down a cab and waved me in ahead of him.

Dont worry, Jules. Im going to make them see the error of their ways. I straddled Nelson’s lap before the cab’s door shut behind us. Not that itll make any difference. Not to them, anyway.

Dress sat around my waist. I cupped his cheeks and kissed his soft, full lips. Softer than I’d imagined. He grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his lap, groaning when his fingers brushed my bare pussy.

“89 West Bender Way.” He pulled my bodice down, sucking my nipple into his mouth and pushing a thick finger into my cunt before adding, “As quick as you can.”

I rocked against his hand, soaking the already dark denim of his jeans with my juices. My arousal grew as we sped along with the evening traffic. I was ready to be fucked, and fucked well.

We both were.


I gawked at the oversized four-car garage set back from the large mansion we’d pulled up in front of on the outskirts of town. Nelson paid the driver and grabbed my hand, leading me towards a man-sized door in the garage’s side.

One knee pushing between my thighs, he pulled my hands above my head and pressed me to the wall. Foreheads together, he ground his hard dick into me.

“I can’t wait to bury my rod in your cunt, doll.” Keys in hand, he led me up the stairs and into a luxurious apartment. I rolled my eyes, wondering if he really thought they were a turn-on.

They weren’t.

Nose nuzzling into my neck, he grabbed my ass and lifted me up. My legs wrapped around his hips, my arms around his shoulders, and my lips sucking at his.

His one hand cradled my ample ass while the other slipped between my cheeks, one finger pressing into my puckered entrance. We made our way through the apartment to the large L-shaped master suite at the far end. Doors to the walk-in closet and ensuite stood ajar opposite the bedroom door. Sliding glass doors to the right led out onto a deck.

Tossed onto the bed, my purse fell to the floor and my jade pendant jumped as I bounced on the mattress. My eyes ate up his toned physique as he undressed. His golden treasure trail led down to a very nice cock. I licked my lips when it bobbed up, free from its confines.

Hungry gaze travelled upwards, widening as he flexed his six-pack and biceps under my perusal. Our gaze met. Flames flew between us. Slow, sensual grin stole across my face.

I patted the bed beside me. He shook his head and pulled the knot holding my wrap dress together, baring my naked body to his lust-filled eyes. To my surprise, he pried my heels off, dropped them to the floor, and grabbed my hands. My dress slid off my arms to pool on the floor when he pulled me to my feet.

Nelson dropped a kiss to my lips, grabbed two towels from the bathroom, flipped a switch, and led me out onto the deck. About ten-feet deep, the covered deck ran the length of the garage, ending at another set of sliding doors leading into the L-shaped kitchen at the opposite end.

I slid the door closed behind me and followed my personal Thor up three little steps to a hot tub, bubbling away as it waited for us. Towels set onto a counter running the length of the railing, from the hot tub to the kitchen at the other end, and we stepped into the steaming water.

“Ah, this feels sooo good, Thor.” I winked at him, running one hand up his thigh. “Bet I could make you feel good, too, stud.”

He pulled me through the bubbles, water tantalizing my sensitive nipples, and settled me on his lap. I rubbed my pussy up and down his length. He threw his head back, letting out a long, tortured growl.

Hands on my hips, he thrust himself up into my core with a low moan, then lifted me onto the side of the hot tub. He spread my thighs, licking up my leg and flicking my clit with his thumb. Eyes on my face, he grinned as I quivered beneath his fingers.

“That’s it, baby girl.” Lips wrapped around my clit, he spoke around his mouth full of pussy. “Give me all your delicious cream. It’s mine.”

I was no virgin. Many lovers savoured my pussy over the years. None ravished me like he was. And not in a lot longer than I cared to remember.

What a damn shame I couldnt keep this one.

My heels dug into his shoulders. His fingers bruised my ass, lifting me into his mouth. I fisted his hair, tugging and pulling him to where my pussy ached for him. He nipped my inner thigh, sucking and nibbling it before soothing the spot with his tongue. Back arched, I pressed myself into him, holding him in place.

A gush of liquid sprayed his face. He pulled back, his low laugh hitting my pussy, sending another spray into his chest.

“Fuck, baby girl. That was awesome.” Nelson pulled me back onto his lap, cradling me in his arms. “I could do that every night. Hell, every morning, too.” I shuddered as he dragged his teeth across my lower lip. “You’re yummy, Sam.”

I spend my eyes wide and bit my lip. I pulled my necklace off and grabbed one of his hands in each of mine. He mewled as he licked my nipple before pulling it into his mouth.

“Keep your hands up here, Thor.” A quick kiss to his forehead and a wink had him chuckling around my hard nub. “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

My knee brushed against his cock. Hard, thick and long, he was ready to fuck me as furiously as I needed him to. Time to ease his misery.

“Hey, Nelson,” if it surprised him I’d used his given name, he didn’t show it, “you remember a girl named Julia? Cute little brunette. Brilliant blue eyes. Little shorter than me.”

Head cocked to one side, he focused his confused eyes on my determined ones. “Yeah, the name sounds kind of familiar. Why?”

Flick of my wrist and my jade pendant sliced open his left radial artery. Another slash and his right one spurted blood.

Leaning back, I claimed his lips one last time and whispered against his mouth, “Julia was my lively, vibrant, friendly sister.”

I sat on the seat opposite him, arms across the side of the hot tub, and crossed my legs under the bubbling water. Colour drained from his face at the same rate the blood flowed from his wrists.

“Julia met you and your friends at the Pit.” He swallowed hard at my words, recognition in his eyes. “She’s not been the same since.” Fear and fate clouded his eyes, death waiting nearby to take him home. “You remember her now, don’t you?”

“Yes,” thready and weak, his voice broke as he confirmed what I already knew. “She was a sweet kid. Too sweet for the likes of us.”

“You figured that out too damn late.” I climbed from the steamy water and wrapped myself up with a fluffy blue towel. Satisfied smirk on my face, I watched his head loll to one side. Time to move on.

“You ruined her. You guys took her little light and made sure it would never shine again.” Hazel eyes bore into my green ones. Water turned red with his life-force. “I’m here to avenge her loss. Your light is now mine.”

Nelson gurgled, crimson liquid filling his lungs as he slipped beneath the surface of the water.

I slipped into the bedroom and grabbed my purse off the floor, pulling out black leggings, a long, red V-neck tee, and my foldable ballet flats. Quick, hot shower and I was a dark brunette with bright blue eyes.

Dressed in my comfiest clothes, I repacked my purse and spared one last look at the deck. Eyes narrowed, I crossed myself and said a prayer for the soul I’d taken and one for the soul he’d destroyed.

I was beyond redemption.

Purse over my arm, I walked down the stairs and out into the late summer night, pulling the door closed behind me. I checked my location and ordered an Uber to pick me up close to there.

Wristlet purse hanging from my arm, I buried my satchel in a garbage can under a couple of trash bags and continued to my meeting point.

Phone vibrated in my hand. I stabbed the green button as I turned the next corner, keeping an eye out for my ride, Lucie in a red Enclave.

“Hey, Ivy. How’s she doing tonight?” I listened, steps faltering, as my sister’s caregiver relayed her arduous night to me. “It’s okay. My date’s over. Be home soon, promise.” I spoke a moment longer and hung up, worry and love on my face.

Ding. A glance at the screen told me my ride would arrive in three minutes.

Perfect. I wont have to wait long. I smiled as a tired looking brunette pulled up in front of me.

“Sarah?” I nodded at my alias on her tongue and slid into the backseat of the red Buick SUV, leaning back on the headrest as we drove off.

“How you doing tonight, miss?” The female driver, slightly older than me, eased around the roundabout and into traffic, heading back into the city.

“I’m doing wonderful tonight, Lucie. Thanks for asking.” Sleek, contented smile didn’t reach my eyes. “I’ll be even better on Sunday when my work week is done.”

Lucie, a working girl herself, laughed and agreed, “I hear you there, love. Ain’t nothing like a well-earned day of rest.”

I nodded and closed my eyes. Youve got no idea how right you are, Lucie, love. No idea.


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